Antibiotics and Sugar Cravings

There is a connection between antibiotic therapy, antibiotics in your food and sugar cravings! By and large, most people don’t realize that 80% of the antibiotics being absorbed into the human genome or body are not from prescription antibiotics. Most antibiotics are actually in our foods, namely our meat sources. Meat production in our countries…read more

Stop Those Persistent Sugar Cravings With Our Candida Cleanse

Our country has long held a reliance on antibiotics to treat a myriad of ailments, killing off bad bacteria in the process. An unfortunate consequence is the removal of good bacteria, creating an unstable environment in your digestive tract that can result in a number of side effects. One problem that is prevalent across our…read more

Healthy & Balanced Weight Loss Management

Okay, you’ve lost the weight… now what? One of the scariest parts of taking on a weight loss protocol is the fact that once you finish, you have to go back to normal life, and it seems like normal hasn’t been working as far as keeping a healthy body weight since it got you to…read more

How to Pack on 10-15 Real Solid Pounds Over the Holidays!

We know you were looking for some ways to pack on a few extra pounds over the next few weeks… so here you go! Before the office party, eat plenty of carbohydrates and alcoholic or sugary drinks. Do this as soon as you get to the party as well so that your ability to control…read more

The Scale is Actually Your Best Friend

Do you have anything in your life that you ignore, and by ignoring hope that the problem or issue will just go away?  And then after you ignore it for an extended period of time, rather than going away the problem actually gets worse??  People do this with things like their retirement plan, the garden…read more

Don’t Confuse Our Weight Loss Drops With hCG Products! Part 2

Americans hoping to shed unwanted fat and regain control of their lives will often face a tough time when it comes to finding a natural weight loss supplement that is as effective as it is safe. There are virtually millions of weight loss aids available online and over the counter, and it can be hard…read more

Don’t Confuse Our Weight Loss Drops With hCG Products! Part 1

When people search online for the natural weight loss supplement that fits their lifestyle, chances are that they will look for a trusted source. If a product has made a lot of waves amongst weight loss aids, it must either be effective or hazardous. Inspecting what you put in your body is a smart practice…read more

Water… You Really Need It.

Drinking water!? Do I HAVE to? Well… What happens if you don’t periodically fill up the kiddie pool? The water evaporates, it is sucked down by thirsty critters, it leaks out… it disappears! In the same way, your body is using water for many of its activities, so if you want a functioning one- water…read more

Our Natural Weight Loss Supplement For Postpartum Weight Loss Part 2

Having a baby is an indescribable experience that brings newfound joy and excitement for the new family unit. The new changes in family dynamics and future opportunities make childbirth a very special time in any mom or dad’s lives. Unfortunately, the body fat that remains behind postpartum can create a unique challenge for new mothers.…read more

Our Natural Weight Loss Supplement For Postpartum Weight Loss Part 1

Finding effective and safe weight loss aids can prove to be a major challenge for anyone looking to lose weight in order to take back control of their health and self-esteem. Shedding those extra pounds can be a challenge, even more so when you’re a new mother who is hoping to lose that baby weight…read more