Natural Weight Loss Drops Vs TV And Internet Trends. The Facts Behind The Fads

In the past few months we’ve seen some pretty interesting “breakthroughs” in the weight loss industry, specifically with weight loss supplements. This is what the “sharks” from the popular TV show Shark Tank and certain TikTok influencers would have you believe, at least. Turns out there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that these weight loss drops, metabolism drops and miracle weight loss pill companies don’t want you to know about their product though. 

Brands like Rae’s Metabolism Drops and One Shot Keto may be advertising their products as miracle weight loss supplements, but before you jump on the trend, there are a few things you should know about these products.

Metabolism Drops Are More Caffeine And Laxatives Than Science

“Let’s get skinny” was the slogan many influencers on TikTok were using to support a new weight loss trend, Rae's Metabolism Drops. Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately there was plenty going on behind Rae’s Metabolism Drops that turned out to be not so great! The three main ingredients found in the viral sensation’s formula were raspberry ketones, caffeine, and taurine. 

These may seem harmless enough, but when high school influencers were taking more than three times the recommended doses, you’ll find that the caffeine levels act more like laxatives than appetite suppressants and energy boosters. That means you might be losing weight, but it’s more likely from stomach issues in the restroom rather than comfortably the way you want. It's safe to say that Target’s decision to pull this product from shelves was a good one because of how irresponsibly it was being used and how unregulated it was. 

These types of products are also meant to be used by adults, not adolescents. Taking dietary supplements while going through puberty or early teenage years could be extremely harmful for the body’s natural development. Much of the buzz generated over this product was through underage influencers which many believed to be dangerous and irresponsible for the company. Because of this, Rae’s decided to discontinue the product altogether.

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Can Laxatives Make You Lose Weight? 

Not only is the practice of using laxatives for weight loss not safe, it’s not even effective! There is no scientific evidence that recommends that body fat is reduced from the use of laxatives or that it in any way promotes long term weight loss. All you’re really doing by participating in this harmful act is flushing out water weight. This can lead to dehydration and...

  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Headaches
  • Extreme Thirst

Sublingual Drops That Actually Work

A better approach to weight loss is finding an all natural weight loss drop brand that isn’t loaded up with caffeine or laxatives. These might allow you to lose weight fast, but in very unnatural and unhealthy ways. Skinny Up!® brand weight loss drops are designed to aid in natural but rapid weight loss.* We don’t include synthetic ketones or HCG hormones to change the body’s chemistry in unknown and unregulated ways. 

Skinny Up!® weight loss drops are all natural and help you reach your weight loss goals while feeling great*

Active Ingredients In Shark Tank Keto Pills

One Shot Keto pills are being marketed as a weight loss supplement that “melts belly fat without any exercise”. Similar to Rae’s, this so-called miracle pill, One Shot Keto, utilizes synthetic ketones to burn fat. Do they actually do what they’re marketed toward or are there untold negative side effects that the “sharks” and producers don’t want you to know about? Keep reading to learn more...

What Are Ketones And What’s The Science Behind Them?

Ketones in the body can help you burn fat faster. These occur naturally from the breakdown of fats. Having high levels of ketones in the blood, however, has negative consequences! Symptoms include, but are not limited to 

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Bad Breath

If you suffer from diabetes, liver disease or kidney disease, or consume alcohol frequently, health concerns with high ketone levels can become more serious with the development of a condition known as Ketoacidosis. This shuts down insulin production in the body and can cause

  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dehydration

Lose Weight Fast, Safely

Synthetic ketones found in Rae’s metabolism drops and One Shot Keto, along with HCG diet drops might actually get results when it comes to weight loss, but at what cost? Is a few pounds off the waist line really worth feeling absolutely horrible, risking your own health, and possibly safety? 

Getting the flu, developing an eating disorder, or contracting a tapeworm can provide the same results as these types of questionable trends, but they aren’t recommended methods for weight loss because there are obvious dangers associated with such things. Why in the world then would anyone put something into their body that has the potential to cause sickness or long term damages? Don’t risk it and find a better solution to weight loss. 

Avoid Fake And Misleading Fads. Do What’s Right For Your Body And Mind.

There are all natural weight loss drops out there that do the job effectively and efficiently without risk of bodily harm. Raspberry ketones might sound natural and harmless, but in reality they’re neither. Don’t get fooled by rich or famous people that you see on TV or the internet telling you that something is safe when in reality it’s not even FDA approved. Make sure you know the facts before you jump into something head first and end up getting sick or hurting yourself.Skinny Up!® product line is a safe and effective way to lose weight fast*

Why Skinny UpIs The Healthy Way To lose Weight Fast

Skinny Upproducts and their ingredients were approved and produced by doctors. Our customers rave about the overwhelming success they’ve experienced while on and after taking the products that make up this amazing brand line.* There are no jittery after effects or nausea that comes from the all natural ingredients that make up our amazing line. Questionable unnatural chemicals or synthetic ingredients might work for some people, but Skinny Upproducts are all about doing it the healthy way. 

Skinny Up!® natural weight loss supplements give you revolutionary effective results during and after your weight loss journey. Feel great while losing your stubborn excess weight. Natural feeling energy and all day mental clarity to go along with the proper support channels and informed expertise is exactly what the doctor ordered to meet or exceed your weight loss goals. Purchase your Skinny Up!® weight loss drops and get started losing weight today!

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