The Bottom Line

  •  Lose 15-20 lbs.
  •  23-day protocol + 3 week Retrain Phase
  •  2 Reduce
  • Also included: Protocol Guide, access to downloadable journal & unlimited coaching support


The Bottom Line consists of two bottles of SkinnyUp!® Reduce. When it comes to weight loss support, Reduce is a safe hCG alternative. Comprised of all-natural supplements while remaining hormone-free, Skinny Up!® Reduce works to help your body maintain a happy, healthy body*. Our unique formula is proven to help consume that all-too-stubborn visceral fat without causing you to feel hungry or jittery**. Looking to stock up on the best natural weight loss supplement out there? The Bottom Line package gives you two bottles of our top-quality product at a discounted price.

Improving the overall health of your digestive system can prove very beneficial. People who try our safe weight loss drops can reap the benefits of having a healthy gut*, including:

  • Reduced visceral fat. Skinny Up!® specializes in helping your body burn excess fat naturally by consuming stored nutrition.*
  • Improved mental clarity. Proper digestion equates to increased focus and fewer sluggish feelings.
  • Better sleep. With a balanced body comes restful sleep. More slumber will equate to an overall higher quality of life.
  • Increased health. Our supplements support the digestive system, the organs of elimination, and the adrenal/thyroid complex, which in turn benefits the body as a whole by lowering stress.

Skinny Up!® holds a distinct advantage when compared to its competitors. Beyond being an effective over the counter appetite suppressant, Reduce is also doctor-approved. Skinny Up!® Reduce is produced in an FDA-certified lab, so you can count on the quality of this product. With a proven track record, it’s hard to deny the cornucopia of health benefits that Reduce has to offer!** When you try Skinny Up!®, you’ll be ready to start doing the Skinny Dance!

Save money today with our Bottom Line package to enhance your weight loss diet plan.

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