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“Hi my name is Gwen and I started my Skinny Up!® journey in 2018! I found out I had thyroid disease a couple years ago after I had my first baby. From there I struggled to lose weight and it was so depressing. The doctors told me without a functioning thyroid it would be almost impossible because I didn’t have much metabolism to work with. I searched and came across Skinny Up!® and I ordered it. I bought the deluxe package to try to get the most out of my weight loss. Let me tell you!! I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was! I lost all of the weight I wanted plus even more just maintaining it. My family and doctors were floored! I have so much energy. So much confidence and I’m overall extremely happy with my results! I’m so grateful I found this product! I will continue to be a customer for maintenance. I’m just glad to be back to my self again! Thank you so much Skinny Up!®!!!”

-Gwen K.

“I am on day 13, including the Loading Days, and I am down 16.0 pounds this morning! I did Skinny Up!® a few years ago when I lost 40 pounds in 40 days, so I was skeptical that it would work that well again. I am pleasantly surprised that it is! I also think that the Yeast Redux is part of the success of this program. I feel energized and I keep losing weight! My goal is 25 pounds and after a week and a half, I’m only 9 pounds away from that goal.”


“I have been on the program for 8 days and have achieved a 7.2# weight loss already. So happy with the results and motivated to keep going because of the great success I’m experiencing! Way more bang for the buck compared to similar products and programs out there. I love the fact that you eat normal food and not something that comes out of a cardboard box! My family will even eat the meats the way I prepare them for myself which is a real bonus.”

-Candice M.

“I found out about your products in September. I felt OK, but noticed some weight had crept on and I was having trouble concentrating at work. I had a hard time believing the program would work without exercise and without being hungry. I thought about the Skinny Up!® program for 2 months and decided to give it a try in November. I am a professional woman in my mid-50’s, travel frequently in my job and take clients to dinner, am getting my Master’s, and my husband and son eat regular meals. All of this to say I have limited time to prepare meals and I eat out frequently.

Nonetheless, I’ve lost 25 pounds in 3 months and am delighted with the program! I started the Skinny Up!® plan in early November 2018 and managed to stick with it through Thanksgiving, a 2-week vacation overseas, football games and all the Christmas parties. In the first week I lost 3-4 pounds and experienced some major GI activity (can I just leave it there?!) The results were steady except for the plateaus. BUT you prepared me with this through your emails and FB posts, so I didn’t get discouraged. I lost 15 pounds between November 4th and December 25th.

I took a break after Christmas and started a 2nd round of Skinny Up!® in January. While I couldn’t stick to the protocol 100% every single meal, I never stopped taking the drops and got right back on if I had a “cheat meal.” The main thing I noticed was that I lost my cravings for sweets and chips, so I never gave in to those. When I travel and eat out, I always bring apples and cucumbers with me, making it easy to have a snack if necessary. I also carry liquid Stevia with me for my black coffee. When on the road, Chick-fil-A’s Cobb salad is my friend (order with cold grilled chicken, no cheese, no corn, no dressing). I’ve also found great prepared food at Whole Foods that I take to my office including cold grilled chicken and shrimp cocktail (skip the sauce).

My evening treat is a cup of hot cinnamon tea with Stevia. I lost my last 10 pounds in 28 days in January, for a total of 25 pounds since November 4th. I feel better, my joints don’t hurt anymore (goodbye gluten forever!), the brain fog is gone, and I’m at the weight I want to be.

Thanks for your Facebook group encouragement and tips along the way!”

-Rochelle P.

“I saw Skinny Up!® on line after I had gone to another weight loss clinic and spent a whole lot more for their drops. I was a little worried about taking Skinny Up!® because I was afraid the results would not be same as I had at the weight loss center. I felt great after starting Skinny Up!® The drops curb my appetite and seem to increase my energy. I have now lost 12 pounds and BMI has gone from 38.9 to 34.4. I still have more weight to lose, but I feel great about my progress so far. My co-workers have been telling me how great I look and I even convinced my friend at work to order Skinny Up!® Thank you Skinny Up!® for helping me lose the weight!!!”

-Angie P.

“I am on day 13, including the Loading Days, and I am down 16.0 pounds this morning! I did Skinny Up!® a few years ago when I lost 40 pounds in 40 days, so I was skeptical that it would work that well again. I am pleasantly surprised that it is! I also think that the Yeast Redux is part of the success of this program. I feel energized and I keep losing weight! My goal is 25 pounds and after a week and a half, I’m only 9 pounds away from that goal.”


"My name is Joe. Before I found Skinny Up! I weighed two hundred and ninety pounds. After forty days on Skinny Up! I lost forty-five pounds and went from a forty-six to a thirty-eight waist and I’m never going back to the way I was. Thanks Skinny Up!”

“My friend Dominique told me about this program and she was raving on how great the product worked. I was hesitant at first but she told me about your 30 day money back guarantee and that made me more comfortable to try it out. I was losing 1 pound to 2 pounds a day. I lost 14 pounds in 14 days. I was excited about the results and very impressed with the product. I feel great. I had did a program similar to what your company offers and I would definitely recommend this program to other people looking to shed the weight and want to feel GREAT!

-Greg P.

“I was never the skinny skinny one in high school, but I was active and comfortable with my body. In my 20s I was gaining weight, losing weight because I had 4 kids from 22-29. I was really heavy with my third pregnancy and didn’t lose all the weight before my fourth. When I was 30, I lost a lot of weight walking and was happy to be going to college, but life was stressful. I was a full time nursing student, working part time nights, raising four kids and my husband was traveling all the time for work, and the marriage was rocky.

I had steadily gained weight during nursing school and with more massive life shifts I didn’t recognize myself by the time I was a year out of school.

More than 20 years later, I was just feeling heavy and tired of it. Ever since my walk I felt like I didn’t want to be a sedentary person, I wanted to be able to walk when I’m in my 90s. Since I’ve been overweight all of my 40s, most of my 30s and here I am 54. I was tired of carrying all this extra weight around. I was at a time when I said enough is enough.”

“Getting started, it was easier than I thought. Can’t say I wasn’t hungry at all. Weight coming off every day was a big inspiration and motivator. First few days was two pounds a day. The quick little successes were very motivating.

Currently, I’m almost there – closer than I’ve been in decades. I lost a bunch of weight in 2010 and was close to this but have never come this far –

I feel energized, ready to face life. I feel like I can do anything I want.

And, I haven’t had to exercise my butt off to get here!”

-Rebecca Hays, 54, Lawrence KS

Hello my name is Natalya. I am 23 year old law student and I swear by Skinny Up. I did the diet plan and went from 135 pounds to 117 pounds.* I have never felt better about my body and my life. I did not gain the weight back after the diet, I maintained my weight. Once I was off the diet I started exercising and found that I had a lot more endurance then I did before. I also suffer from bad headaches and when I was on the diet I did not experience headaches as often. The experience was amazing and I would recommend It to everyone I know!*

-Natalya M.

“I first received Skinny Up!® drops from a weight loss doctor. I was doing the hcg shots but just had skin cancer so they wouldn’t give me the hcg, and offered me Skinny Up!®. I lost on the drops as well as the shots. They were the same price as the hcg shots. I thought I would see if I could find them on line. I was so happy to find them. I have lost 21 pounds since September 1. I have taken a break. Going to order more to lose a few more pounds. Thanks Skinny Up!®”

-Brenda M.

“I’m thrilled with my weight loss results from this past summer, losing 20# over 40 days, and without the frustration and discouragement of previous efforts. My blood pressure is significantly improved as well as reduced knee pain. I’m sleeping well, wearing clothes I haven’t worn in over 10 years and enjoying the compliments of family and friends. I am ready to now begin the next 20# and am confident I can do this with Skinny Up!®”

-Pam D.

“I didn’t do Skinny Up!® for the look & that’s why I don’t have a before and after photo, I chose Skinny Up!® because of health reasons, I’m 5’11 and I weighed 234 lbs., I was experiencing hunger attacks in which I would break into a sweat and felt like I was going to pass out unless I ate something right then. I also just had had a heart attack and the doctor just placed me on 2 different blood pressure medicines and 100 mg of cholesterol medicine, the side effects of these medicines made me feel terrible with no personality, being overweight I had no energy, I was on my last hole on my belt and had to unbutton my pants to be comfortable to sit down. I didn’t look or feel very well at all.

I chose Skinny Up!® because it was the only diet that had a start and finish date that seemed reasonable an attainable. Knowing there was an end date unlike other diets, made it easier to commit to the diet, there were 2 things I wasn’t sure of and that was my hunger attacks and will I maintain the weight loss or gain all this weight back.

Well it’s been 5 months since I finished Skinny Up!® and I lost 34 lbs., haven’t had any hunger attacks, I’m 3 pants size smaller, I no longer take any blood pressure medicine and reduce my cholesterol medicine to 25 mg, and I can walk miles and climb stair without becoming winded. My doctor said to keep doing whatever you’re doing. I feel like I eat more than I did before the diet but I haven’t gained any weight, the only thing I don’t eat is candy and junk results have inspired coworkers to try Skinny Up!®.

Thank you Skinny Up!®, I honestly believe you have added years to my life.”

-Gorden S.

Skinny Up!® helped me lose 15 lbs in a period of less than 2 months! I did the 21 day Reduce plan, and I’m almost to the end of the 21 day Retrain phase. After the first week of horrible detox headaches, I felt great! In a few weeks I plan to do another 10 days of the Reduce phase in the hopes of losing my last 10 lbs. I’m guessing this time around the detox won’t be as bad. I followed the protocol exactly, and it did what it promised: 15 lbs and I’m down 2 pant sizes! I feel great, so thank you Skinny Up!® for such a great plan to reset my body to healthy.”

*individual results may vary **results not guaranteed