Myths About Increasing Your Metabolism And How To Speed Up Your Metabolism To Lose Weight

People who begin eating more frequently during the day have probably heard about the implications doing so has on your metabolism. It is said in many dietary circles that eating smaller meals every three hours during the duration of your day can keep your metabolism up and active, which in turn means burning more calories at a higher rate. There are a few key foods and practices that do have scientific backing in helping speed up your metabolism to assist those individuals wishing to lose weight. 

We will explore the myths and misconceptions about metabolic rate to better understand what is really working and what is more worthless trends.

Does Eating More Meals Increase Metabolism and Reduce Hunger Cravings?

Science really just doesn’t back this trend up. Eating more often may be able to reduce hunger cravings in the short term, but over long periods of time your body begins to adapt to the change in eating patterns and become dependent on the different caloric intake during those periods. This might result in a dependence on more calories to keep energy and glucose levels up in the long run.

The whole basis behind the idea of eating more frequently during the day is more than just the myth of metabolic rate change. Many people who have bought into the idea of six meals a day weight loss believe that the main reason this technique works in weight loss is to control overeating from extreme hunger cravings

Here is where six meals a day compared to three might actually help. If you’re used to eating every six hours or so, you may experience a decrease in blood sugar and be susceptible to eating whatever you want.  With little to no limitations regarding portions, this increase in caloric intake is a slippery slope. You could find yourself eating way too much without even realizing it.

How Much Should You Be Eating To Lose Weight

Many doctors and specialists will tell you that this really comes down to a basic understanding of caloric intake and energy expenditure. There are genetic factors that do come into play as well, but this general guide should help give a good estimate of how many calories you should be aiming for daily:

  • Females 19 - 30 should aim to intake 1,900 to 2,400 calories a day depending on their level of activity during the day
  • Females 31 - 65 will want to aim for consuming 1,800 to 2,300 per day. 1,800 for sedentary lifestyles and 2,300 for active individuals.
  • Males 19 - 30 need around 2,500 to 3,000 calories depending on how active a lifestyle they live.
  • Males 31 - 65 require around 2,300 to 2,900 calories per day.
  • Bad Habits That May Slow Down Your Metabolism

  • Eating too little 
  • Not enough protein 
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Low quality or not enough sleep
  • Lack of strength training

  • Overeating And The Effects It Has On The Body And Mind

    Feasting can be a lot of fun, but, unfortunately, stuffing yourself until you’re full is actually a suggested way to gain weight fast for those trying to put on a few pounds. Spreading out your eating may actually allow you to limit your intake better, but for people who do find themselves overeating often, there may be better ways to deal with portion control and calorie intake. 

    People overeat for plenty of different reasons. One person could use eating to cope with stress and anxiety while another might just have less of a desire to eat recommended portions for the purpose of weight management.

    Portion control is hard if you fall into the habit of eating until you’re “full”. When that feeling of fullness keeps taking more and more intake to achieve you could find yourself in an uncontrollable spiral of eating more and more as time goes on. Likewise, if eating is a way to cope with anxiety and stress, some days might be worse than others and you may find yourself eating constantly.

    If you find yourself in one of these situations, it’s best to try and nip the problem in the bud and seek help early on. The longer you wait the harder the cycle is going to be to break. If you are deep in a cycle of unhealthy eating habits, counseling or having an accountability buddy to help talk you through it can truly help.  Introducing a light, natural, appetite suppressant can also help get you back to normal intake portions.

    caffeine is a great all natural appetite suppressant

    Types Of Food To Increase Metabolism Or Suppress Appetite For Weight Loss

      • Coffee, Tea and other caffeinated products can help give you extra energy to work out. It also helps burn fat for energy. These are also great natural appetite suppressants and are great when your body just needs a little something until the next meal. It is important to note that in the long run caffeine can begin to deplete the adrenals which will eventually slow down weight loss.
      • Protein and mineral rich foods like meat, fish, eggs, dairy and nuts require more calories to break down these more complex foods. These are all also fantastic appetite suppressing foods.
      • Chili peppers and other spicy foods that have capsaicin have been known to have appetite suppressant properties. The chemical can also help you burn more calories. Spicy foods are also known to be great for cutting down hunger cravings.
      • Beans and legumes are high in protein. These foods require more calories to break down.
      • Ginger. Studies have shown that ginger in hot water burns more calories than drinking water alone. Ginger is also a natural appetite suppressant.
      • Apple cider vinegar has been shown to increase sensations of fullness and has been seen to increase metabolic rate in animals. 
      • Water, especially cold water, requires calories to heat it up to body temperature. That means drinking cold water could be raising your metabolism for brief periods.
      • Seaweed is rich in iodine which helps the thyroid regulate your metabolic rate.
    great food to help keep your metabolic rate high

    Foods To Avoid To Keep Metabolic Rate Up

    Try to avoid these foods if you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight. Many of these foods are high in calories and carbohydrates, but some have also been known to slow down the metabolism for some individuals.

  • White flour might taste better than wheat for many individuals but that’s because all the nutritious aspects like fiber and antioxidants are stripped away through over processing. This makes it easier to digest which means your body burns less calories in the process. These types of easily digestible foods actually result in the metabolism operating at a lower level.
  • Soda contains high fructose corn syrup which is a contributing factor in “metabolic syndrome”. Diabetes, heart disease and stroke as well as negatively impacting metabolism are some of the most damaging negative attributes of metabolic syndrome.
  • Margarine and butter contain omega 6 fatty acids which have been linked to slowing metabolic rate. Although these are fine at appropriate portions, high levels of omega 6 fatty acids are also known to be pro-inflammatory and correlated to increased risk of obesity. If possible, avoid foods with stick margarine!
  • Produce grown with pesticides and fungicides caused weight gain in animal studies. Although this hasn’t been proven, it’s likely that the same result could occur in humans. If possible, buy organic produce to avoid these harmful chemicals.
  • Farm raised beef has been shown to have more antibiotics in it than grass fed beef. These antibiotics can be detrimental to gut health, effectively killing good bacteria which has been linked to weight gain. If available, choose grass fed beef over farm raised.
  • Alcohol is considered a toxin by the body. That means it is a priority for breakdown and expulsion which leaves things like fat on the backburner, lingering in the body.
    • Best Supplements to Increase Metabolism

      • B Vitamins are a big part of having a fully functioning metabolism. They help metabolize carbs, proteins and fats.
      • Vitamin D keeps your immune system at its best and has been linked to fighting depression. That means you'll have the mental energy and health to keep moving.
      • Iron aids in carrying oxygen to the cells. This, in turn, increases the rate muscle cells can break down fats into energy
      • Magnesium is used for many things in the body. One of those being energy production.

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