Did Dry January Feel Amazing? Skinny Up!® Helps Make Dry 2022 A Reality

All of those New Year’s resolutions are in full swing and by this time of the month you may be feeling the desire to revert back to your old ways. Statistics show that right around the end of January and beginning of February people stop hitting the gym or exercising as regularly. It’s also likely that those hopes of “drinking less” or “saving money more efficiently” have begun to slip up as well.

December is a big month for drinking and after New Years many people feel the need to take some time off of drinking so attempting a sober January makes sense. After the first week or two, however, those cravings to have a drink start creeping back into many people’s minds. If you attempted Dry January this year or have in years past, you probably know this feeling.

Finding better ways to achieve physical and mental health were both top resolutions for many people heading into 2022. If you hope to feel better all around in 2022, cutting back on or abstaining from sugar and alcohol consumption entirely may be your most viable option. Do your best at sober January 2022 and see how it feels

How Attempting Dry January Can Help Spark A Sober 2022

Many people have become overly reliant on alcohol to help them get through the recent troubling times. The pandemic has been hard on almost everyone and the increase in daily stress led many to drink more often and at a higher volume. If being overly stressed is driving you to consume alcohol on a regular basis, it’s likely time to attempt a break from the substance. 

Continuing to rely on alcohol to treat stress or depression is definitely a slippery slope and can end up being worse for you in the long run. You may be surprised at how much drinking affects anxiety or stress, how well you’re sleeping, and how much energy you have in your everyday life. Many who succeed with a Dry January will continue their sobriety into following months just from how much better they feel after succeeding in their dry January goal. 

feel good on a daily basis by being healthy in 2022

If You Missed Out On Dry January, Try #Soberissexy Or Dryer Months Moving Forward

It's not too late to hop on this popular trend. A sober February or Sober quarter is just as beneficial. Here are a few other benefits to cutting out alcohol from your life that we haven’t mentioned yet.

  • Save Money - Going out for drinks even a couple of times a month can cost a lot of money. Especially if you’re the type of person who has more than a few each night or are likely to buy a round for friends when you have a night out. These types of smaller savings that are recurring add up quicker than you think. Maybe you’ll be able to afford that vacation this summer or that home remodel you’ve been putting off with a full year of cutting back or sobriety.
  • Save your liver - I think by this point we all know that overconsumption of alcohol isn’t good for the liver. When we were young we felt invincible and told ourselves that it’s not a problem, but now that many of us have entered the middle age classification, the danger of liver disease isn’t something we can just forget about anymore. Taking responsibility for your own health starts at moments like this where we can decide to ignore the threat or make a change and be healthier with our minds and bodies.
  • Fewer Headaches - The hangovers get worse and worse as we get older and that isn’t something that is likely to get better. Not to mention, those brain cells aren’t likely to be replenishing themselves like when we were in our teens or twenties.
  • Better Sleep- More drinks at night means you’ll be waking up more often having to go to the bathroom. That means less hours of good rest. More alcohol in the system also reduces your REM sleep which means the hours you're asleep won't be as restful when you’re drunk.
  • Better Skin - More than half of the people who participated in a Dry January in 2021 reported having better feeling skin
  • Other Long Term Health Benefits - Quit drinking for just 30 days and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol while also decreasing risk for diabetes and cancer.

  • Skinny Up!® Products Can Help Fight Alcohol Cravings

    When people undergo a stint of sobriety, it’s common for them to feel urges or cravings for the substance. That is coupled with more serious urges or cravings for sugar. This is often due to your gut’s dependence on carbs. Candida, a fungus that is often present in the stomach, feeds off of these carbohydrates and when they begin to starve from lack of high carb beverages, like many alcohols or sugary foods, they begin to send signals to the brain effectively increasing alcohol cravings as well as cravings for other carbs and sugary substances.

    Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux is the best product on the market to combat Candida overgrowth and the die off that comes from cutting out those unhealthy carbohydrates from your diet. Try Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux and see what a Candida cleanse can do for your overall health and well being. If you love it, keep it going so that the negative effects felt from over consumption of alcohol and sugar can be feelings of the past. Find out more about how beneficial a Candida Cleanse can be for a multitude of different areas in your life. 

    Other Ways To Help Cut Back Or Cut Out Alcohol

  • Find A Substitute
  • Seek Out Sober Social Settings
  • Find Support
  • Have A Journal
  • Why Stop At Sober January. How Long Can You Go Without Alcohol?

    Many people begin to feel so much better after just taking a few weeks away from drinking alcohol. The same goes for cutting out the sugar from one's diet! So why put in all the work into achieving a goal for a month just to go right back down the same slippery slope of over consumption? A great way to continue those positive feelings is to keep a goal tracker or journal on alcohol consumption, physical health, and mental health.

    Alcohol Consumption Is Detrimental To A Healthy Weight 

    The fact of the matter is that both sugar and alcohol are detrimental to effective weight loss. If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to lose weight, alcohol consumption is likely making cutting fat harder than it has to be. 

    If you’d like to kill two birds with one stone, then consider adding on “Skinny Up!® Reduce” and “Skinny Up!® Maintain” to your health and weight loss supplements. These products assist the Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux in making weight loss after a Candida Cleanse quick and easy.* To find out more about all of the amazing products and services Skinny Up!® has to offer, give us a call or check out the rest of our amazing product line.

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