Dieting And Working Out, But Not Losing Weight?

Some people have tried it all. The popular diets, fasting trends, daily exercise, cleanses, treatments, extra sleep, and stress reduction just aren’t getting the results that many people expect from putting so much effort into losing weight. There can be many factors that come into play when it comes to how effectively and efficiently your body loses weight from these practices and understanding the science behind it is half the battle. 

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Hormone And Chemical Imbalances Could Be The Problem

There is so much chemistry going on in the body every second of every day. It’s almost impossible to keep track of how certain activities, foods or other variables affect certain hormone levels either positively or negatively! The body is constantly reacting to outside stimuli so it’s good to at least have a basic understanding of what certain things can do to your body chemistry. Below are the five main hormones that affect the ability to lose weight. Knowing how these hormones affect your body is key in eventually reaching your weight loss goals, especially if you’re someone who’s doing everything right but just can’t seem to lose weight.

  • Cortisol Levels are correlated, in many cases, to levels of stress. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and good sleep are all important to keeping cortisol levels under control. Some foods that reduce cortisol include avocados, olive oil, chia seeds, walnuts and most species of fatty fish.
  • Insulin Sensitivity occurs when your cells are able to absorb more glucose than common levels. This means more energy is being absorbed into your body which makes gaining weight a more likely reality. Eating foods packed with omega-3s is important to keeping insulin sensitivity under control. Avoiding foods and drinks with chemical sugar substitutes will also help to keep insulin levels in check.
  • Ghrelin Levels control your appetite. This hormone sends signals to your hypothalamus that lets you know your stomach is empty and you feed to eat.
  • Leptin Hormones are the exact opposite of ghrelin. They make you feel full so that you don’t overeat. Individuals with obesity may have leptin resistance.
  • High Estrogen Levels have been tied to increased risk of certain cancers and other serious chronic diseases. Low Estrogen Levels on the other hand can lead to obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

  • If you ask yourself often “why can’t I lose weight?”, making sure you are doing everything you can to keep hormone levels under control is likely a huge part of finally finding those results you’ve been looking for! 

    Eat right to keep your hormone levels under control for best weight loss results possible

    Some So Called Health Foods Could Be Slowing Down Metabolic Rates

    There are a lot of foods that for years people thought were ideal for diets and losing weight. Recent studies have suggested however that some of our favorite health foods have actually been making it harder for some people to get the results they want when it comes to losing weight.

      • Salt that lacks iodine may be trendy in nice restaurants, but be aware that your thyroid needs iodine to manage your metabolism.
      • Produce can have a common fungicide that if ingested can slow your metabolism. Make sure you’re washing your fruits and vegetables well before preparing them further for consumption.
      • Lack of calcium is bad for your bones and your metabolism. Make sure your daily dairy or dairy substitutes are getting you your recommended dose of calcium.
      • Some Yogurts can be great for your metabolism but not if it’s packed with added sugar or sweeteners. Try Greek yogurt with added fruit to keep it as healthy as possible
      • Fruit Juices can be packed with added sugar that is detrimental to keeping your metabolism efficient. Just one glass of typical no pulp OJ has around 20 grams of sugar. 
      • Granola Bars also often sneak in additional sweeteners to make these seemingly healthy snacks a less attractive option when it comes to metabolic levels.

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    Working Out But Not Losing Weight? There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Exercise

    When you push your body to the limit day in and day out, it gets used to burning calories at a rapid pace. You may think that this is great for rapid weight loss but in reality the body becomes so endurance focused that it begins to store up fat in preparation for those grueling workouts. Your body also begins to crave larger portions so that it can preemptively get ready for the seemingly non-stop cardio. So what’s the solution? Take a few days off from the super long aerobic exercises and focus those days on other forms of exercise.

    Weight Training Is Just As Important As Cardio

    Yes, it’s true. Gaining muscle will not help you see your fat loss on the scale. You will, however, be converting those pounds of body fat into muscle which isn’t a bad thing at all. Lean muscle weighs more than fat so if you’re lifting weights on a regular basis you might not be seeing the weight loss that you intend to, but in reality, gaining weight through lean muscle is just as important and healthy for the body as losing weight from fat.

    Your Body Needs Time To Recover

    Your recovery days can actually be more important than the workout days! This is because your body actually burns the majority of fat while in recovery mode. If you’re a gym rat and feel like you can’t take any days off, it’s ok to switch it up and take a yoga or Pilates class instead of sticking with the same old routine. Keep the body guessing so that you’re working out the entire body rather than just hitting the same muscle groups day in and day out.

    The Weight Might Not Be Fat. Inflammation and Water Retention Can Be Likely Culprits 

    If you’re new to working out and you’ve really been hitting it hard, it’s likely your body isn’t used to the high intensity exercises and will go through some major changes within the first few months of pushing yourself. New forms of exercise or harder workouts can lead to micro tears in the muscle which cause inflammation and furthermore water retention during the healing process.

    That translates to your body taking on water weight which might not subside for a few months. This is part of the process and completely natural so you shouldn’t worry about it too much. The water weight is temporary and will eventually go down. Don’t get frustrated with it, just keep up the hard work and stay motivated.

    Other Health Related Issues That Could Be Hindering Weight Loss

    You’ve likely heard about people who have trouble losing weight due to genetic issues like thyroid problems. An underactive thyroid is often the source of rapid weight gain and it’s not a rare occurrence. Some 20 million people nationwide have issues with their thyroid, but don’t give up hope if you’re one of them. Talk to your doctor if you believe you’re experiencing rapid weight gain due to a suspected underactive thyroid gland!

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