Popular Candida Cleanse Practices Vs. Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux

The Candida Diet and other forms of the same thing have been a consistent dietary trend that has become more and more prevalent as people begin to understand the science behind it. After all, it’s likely that the majority of people have or have had a candida overgrowth issue at some point in their lives. A recent study from Rice University found that 70% of Americans have candida albicans in their digestive system. When Candida albicans gets out of control, serious health issues can arise. Many of these can include very unpleasant symptoms that most people might want to diagnose and treat as soon as possible.

We will be trying to hit on all the main points of candida, what it is, how it affects you, and how you can make sure it stays under control. The signs and symptoms of Candida Overgrowth as well as the main reasons it occurs in the first place are important topics when it comes to figuring out if the candida in your gut is overgrown and possibly causing damage. 

Next, we will discuss what can be done to curb this problem and what it takes to continue good gut health so that overgrowth doesn’t occur again. Skinny Up!® experts will wrap it up with recommendations for how best to go about treating Candida Overgrowth and moving forward for a happier and healthier new you.

 A big problem with most of these diets and other treatments for candida yeast overgrowth is that they take a long time and can cost a lot of money. Also, some of these plans and programs don’t actually deal with all the underlying problems occurring from the buildup of yeast in the digestive tract. Not to mention that the candida albicans can become systemic, eventually moving into the bloodstream and causing even more unfortunate effects on the body. These problems can be addressed and corrected with a successful candida diet and candida supplement to aid in the process. 

Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux candida supplement, along with its expertly formulated diet, supports an all around better, healthier lifestyle. With the absence of Candida overgrowth, weight loss is much easier to obtain as well as maintain, and our full product line will not only cleanse your system of Candida Overgrowth, but it will also significantly help improve your overall health and wellbeing. If you happen to lose a few pounds with this natural healthy process and gain mental clarity and increased energy from it then our product is doing its job. Note that for best weight loss results, it is encouraged to use the Skinny Up!®  Reduce product alongside Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux.

Signs And Symptoms Of Candida Overgrowth

There are a wide range of symptoms that come along from Candida Overgrowth. A big reason for that is because this yeast is not only actively harming your digestive system by eating away at the inner walls of your gut, but in extreme cases it also produces a wide range of byproducts that can cause a plethora of negative effects on the body. If untreated, candida yeast can take over the digestive system and you will begin to feel low energy. Weight gain is also a common first sign of out of control candida overgrowth. Next, the yeast overgrowth begins to attack the stomach and intestinal lining. This is when all those toxins can flood the bloodstream and the wide range of issues could begin. Those symptoms include but are not limited to the following

  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  • Sugar or carb cravings
  • Gas, bloating, and/or indigestion
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Frequent infections
  • Food Allergies or intolerances
Gut health made easier with  Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux natural weight loss drops

How Do Antibiotics Affect Candida

Antibiotics are definitely a common and effective treatment for a countless number of extremely serious ailments and diseases. Everyone knows about the countless lives this medical marvel has saved and the endless good they have done for humankind. A recent development in modern medicine, however,  is the emergence of the overuse of these drugs. People want to self diagnose more than ever nowadays instead of going to the doctor for professional opinions and solutions. More and more often now, they look to antibiotics to solve many of their health issues. 

The consistent use of antibiotics can be a problem for a multitude of reasons. One main reason is that certain bacteria can become immune to different forms of antibiotics. That means that eventually these resistant bacteria are becoming harder and harder to kill. The other main reason is that all bacteria aren't bad. Many forms of bacteria are needed to maintain proper health and gut flora. In the gut alone, millions of good bacteria are present and necessary to upkeep a healthy digestive system. 

When antibiotics wipe out all that good bacteria, there are negative repercussions. In the wake of good bacteria being wiped out, there is a void to be filled in the gut and more often than not the void is filled with unwanted inhabitants like opportunistic candida yeast. Candida yeast will cause nothing but issues for you and your health if gone unchecked. 

Avoid Candida Die-Off

A Herxheimer reaction is the worsening of Candida symptoms. This is the cause of candida yeast cells dying rapidly, at the same time, which releases toxins and harmful chemicals that are stored within. This process shouldn’t be rushed so following the recommended doses of any Skinny Up!® products is important. Make sure your yeast cleanse is done correctly by allowing your body to give you feedback and tell you if it’s ready to continue the process. Another important step to avoiding this negative reaction is preparing your body for the candida cleanse. Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to help support positive gut health.

What Does A Candida Diet Entail?

Most Candida Diets are all about the food intake of the body. They’re relatively straightforward but can definitely be extremely difficult to stick to. Sugars need to be cut out of the diet entirely and you’d be surprised with how much added sugar is in pretty much all processed foods. The second part of most candida diets is identifying the foods that you have been eating which may be causing inflammation of the gut and digestive system. Lastly, adding foods that promote gut health and reduce inflammation is essential. Probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, and pseudo grain are all in the recommended categories.

Detoxing with healthy all natural foods makes weight loss much easier

How The Skinny Up!® Diet Compares

The Skinny Up!® protocol for a Deluxe Package encompasses three different phases, each with its own specific eating plan. We will be focusing on the first two phases, however, as those are the steps in our diet where we will be focusing on Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux, a doctor formulated candida diet supplement. This product is often used alongside Skinny Up!®  Reduce for better results when it comes to weight loss, but it is not a requirement to use both at the same time. 

For the Loading and Reduce Phases of the dietary protocol, Skinny Up!® Reduce and Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux should be used for best results. The Skinny Up!® protocol is relatively close to being full on candida diets but with a pleasant unexpected twist. The Loading Phase can actually be considered as a couple of cheat days where loading up on high-fat foods is encouraged. This, alongside the Skinny Up!® products will send the body into a state of ketosis. Many who have tried the Keto Diet might remember that this stage is just turning fat into energy which is important as you move from this phase into the Reduce Phase. Alcohol is also allowed during this short loading phases which occur during the first couple of days of each new protocol.

Now comes the bulk of the dietary phase that you’ve been looking for. Obviously, as you’ve already seen above, sugars and most starches aren’t allowed for any of the Phases. This is no different for the bulk of the weight loss and candida cleanse phase which we have deemed “the Reduce Phase”. As you will see, this will be the most strict part of our plan. We are still using the Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux for our candida cleansing aspect but will also want to add Skinny Up!® Reduce if weight loss is also a priority for your health goals. 

The Skinny Up!® Protocol entails consuming two meals a day, each incorporating a source of protein, vegetable, fruits and carbs. The list of allowed foods is not far off from what your normal grocery store list might look like either! We do stress that, however, that sticking tight to the allowed list is essential for best weight loss and candida cleansing results. 

 Lastly, the Retain Phase will focus on the Skinny Up!® Maintain product which utilizes a diet of no starches or sugars. This is the last phase in the full program but doesn’t mean you can’t restart right after the Maintain protocol is finished.

Other Important Aspects To A Candida Cleanse

Many popular candida diets and programs focus on initial detoxification or cleanse to prepare the body and digestive system for recovery from candida overgrowth. Yes, the dietary portion of this is important but we’ve already discussed what goes into that. Candida diet supplements, like Skinny Up!® Yeast redux, may be more effective at reducing candida overgrowth but here are a few other naturally occurring additives to a diet that can promote recovery and overall gut health:

  • Fiber supplements can help to promote regular digestion and flush out the Candida toxins sitting in your gut.
  • Milk Thistle contains elements that help repair the liver and protect it from harmful toxins produced by Candida
  • Vitamin C is in many citrus fruits and vibrant vegetables. It will help restore adrenal functions and boost the immune system.
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay typically forms after volcanic ash ages. When passed through the colon, it will absorb and expel any and all harmful toxins.
  • Swedish Bitters also called Swedish tincture, is a bitter and traditional herbal tonic. It acts as excellent digestive support by regulating stomach acidity and liver function.

Other forms of detox are also very successful in flushing out toxins, improving circulation, and boosting other important nutrients. Skin brushing, regular sauna use, and the right amount of exercise can help with all of the aforementioned topics.

The Benefits Of Probiotics 

Reintroducing your gut with probiotic bacteria is crucial for a recovering stomach or digestive tract. When choosing a probiotic supplement, make sure it’s actually doing exactly that. Many commercial probiotics only deliver around 4% of good bacteria back into the gut due to strong stomach acids.

Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux is made up of prebiotics and probiotics that provide everything needed for a healthier happier you. With this product, you can rest easy that your post candida overgrowth digestive tract is being taken care of after the negative effects are stopped dead in their tracks. The prebiotics nourish the good bacteria in your gut making the environment hospitable again. This allows for faster recovery and healing.

The Benefits Of Antifungals For A Yeast Cleanse

Antifungals work by breaking down and destroying the cell walls of candida albican’s yeast cells. Caprylic acid and oregano oil are well known, naturally occuring, antifungals that halt and reverse the ill effects of candida. You can also get a prescription for antifungals but be cautious as these are more likely to come with more serious side-effects

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Skinny Up!® Has The Answer

The Skinny Up!® team has been able to create a product that truly targets candida overgrowth at the source and offers a whole slew of benefits!. The thing that stands out about this product is that it's an all in one package that gets rid of the middle man and provides you with a step by step process and experience that can get you feeling healthier faster.* Our Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux is made for natural ingredients that have been identified as effective for detox and better gut health. 

  • Burdock Root helps decrease blood sugar levels while also increasing your stamina and boosting mental clarity. This prebiotic promotes a good environment for good bacteria in the gut.
  • FOS is another prebiotic that can also help reintroduce the proper bacterial back into the gut.
  • Red Clover can halt bad yeast production while purifying the blood. This will benefit in healing areas of the digestive system that yeast overgrowth has caused damage to.
  • Dandelion Root has been used as a natural detox for hundreds of years. This includes yeast cleansing. By flushing out the liver and increasing natural bile production, this ingredient aids in the fight against yeast overgrowth.

Combined, all the ingredients in the Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux will fight off Candida overgrowth symptoms and issues. You can count on our product to kill candida overgrowth, decrease exhaustion, eliminate brain fog, boost your immune system, and help you feel healthier and happier.*

Cost Comparison

Everything that has been discussed in this blog in terms of how to treat Candida Overgrowth are independent aspects of a multidimensional problem. Our uniquely formulated products and incredible customer service make Skinny Up!® the clear choice when solving candida overgrowth. Other supplements or aids can really only help solve a few issues at a time. It’s not uncommon for these candida diet supplements or natural herbs to cost upwards of $40 for the high end brands. When combined together with all the other supplements needed to effectively treat Candida Overgrowth, you’re easily looking at hundreds of dollars spent. Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux only costs $77 for a 30 day supply and will treat that huge list of symptoms that are common in many suffering from Candida Overgrowth. 

Candida Cleanse And So Much More

Stop Candida growth in its tracks while also rebuilding a healthy gut environment and regrowing good bacteria for proper digestive function. If Candida has dealt damage to the lining of your digestive tract or stomach, Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux will also heal those wounds and allow proper digestive processes to continue as they should. Skinny Up!® Redux is your all in one solution to Candida Overgrowth and returning your digestive system to its ideal state. If weight loss or weight maintenance are also interesting factors in your personal health and wellness journey then the Skinny Up!® Deluxe Package may be right for you. Check out more about all our wonderful products here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team for more information or assistance!

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