Alcohol Weight Gain. What You Need To Know Before St Patty’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and many around the country and around the world are ready to celebrate. Before going overboard, however, you should know what all those green beers and Irish coffees could be doing to your health and diet. The Americanized culture has put a stigma on having to participate in heavy drinking on St Patrick’s day and unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well for people trying to be serious about their weight control and or keeping New Year’s resolutions. 

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight?

Two out of three adults in the United States consume alcohol. That number might not jump out at you at first but considering over 20% of adults admit to drinking moderately or heavily in the past month, you can start to see how much drinking is a part of many peoples’ lives. Now, picture this. The average person in America will actually drink 4.2 alcoholic beverages on St Patrick's Day. Beer is the third most popular drink on the planet behind water and tea so it can be assumed that the majority of alcohol consumed on this holiday of boozy debauchery will most likely be beer. 

On average, there is approximately 13 grams of carbs and 150 calories in one can of beer. A beer gut got its name for a reason. No shame, but if you’re actively trying to fight that beer gut then you need to stay proactive in doing so. If you’re expecting to participate in St. Patrick's day activities this year, trying to pick a low carb and/or low-calorie solution is more likely to keep you on the right track concerning your weight loss and dietary goals.

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What Dietary Supplements Can Do For Heavy Drinking Habits

The craving to drink may be especially strong in March due to the special Irish holiday “St Patrick’’s Day” which in America, more often than not, means wearing green and binge drinking. Those cravings, however, can mean more than just wanting to feel tipsy or drunk. If you have cravings for beers there may be a more scientific reason to address why that is.

 As previously stated, beer and the carbs that come along with it are often desired by your body. This phenomenon is more likely if you have a tendency to include carbs, especially beer, as a regular part of your diet. The Skinny Up!® product line has weight loss drops that will effectively reduce those cravings while also making you feel full faster. This way you won’t necessarily desire your next drink directly after finishing your last. 

  • Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux can reduce those sugar and other carb cravings. If you’re someone who has a tendency to snack heavily on just high-carbohydrate foods then this product might just be a game-changer for you.
  • Skinny Up!® Maintain acts as a suppressant so no matter what stage of weight control or weight loss you’re in with our program, you’ll be helping yourself on the side by eating and drinking less in general. 

Those unhealthy foods and beverages may be extra tasty, or especially fun to indulge in, but are detrimental to your weight loss goals and overall health in the long run. If you need a little help to kick the junk food and beverages out of your life, check out our products to see if weight loss drop supplements may be right for you.

Know what you're putting in your body this St. Patrick's Day

Alcohol Effects On The Liver And The Rest Of Your Body

Studies show that alcohol has plenty of negative effects on the mind and body. The liver gets hit particularly hard by habitual or over abundant drinking. Among other things steatosis, fibrosis and cirrhosis are among the worst. Everyone knows at this point though that heavy drinking is bad for your liver, right? What many people don’t know, however, is that because of the increased levels of toxicity and waste caused by alcohol, the liver is pulled away from its other primary functions. If you’re trying to lose weight and think that casual drinking isn’t going to put up a major roadblock for your weight loss goals, then unfortunately, you’re sorely mistaken. 

The alcohol hanging around your system needs to be expelled from your body by your liver which effectively breaks it down and filters it out. As the liver is doing this, it doesn’t want to be overworked. So all that visceral fat hanging out around your midsection can’t be broken down as fast during a diet or weight loss regiment. Your liver just can’t handle the workload brought on by all that excess waste and toxicity from both rapid fat breakdown and alcohol breakdown. Because of this, our brains send signals that slow metabolism of fat cells drastically. This is something to keep in mind when considering drinking on St. Patrick's Day or in general.

All Those Green Beers Are Going Straight To Your Belly

Alcohol weight gain is real and if lockdown and quarantine have had you cooped up inside all winter the weight might be starting to show. We previously discussed that those green beers and Guinnesses can really get in the way of your weight loss goals but we haven’t even discussed the most unhealthy favorites for many drinkers around this time of year. St. Patrick’s day classics, like Baileys Irish Cream, contains somewhere along the lines of 175 calories per shot. That’s not to mention an additional 150 calories that are added when you mix in that Guinness to an Irish car bomb.

Many additional additives, mixed in to classic cocktails, are likely to add calories as well. If it adds a sweetness or flavoring you can bet that it’s even less healthy than before. If mixing drinks or having doubles is something that you partake in, certain combinations of alcohol can weigh more heavily than others when it comes to stacking on the calories and gaining weight. 

Beer guts happen, we get that. The availability, physically and mentally, to get out and exercise has been drastically reduced this past year so if you’ve already gained that beer gut, don’t sweat it. If you’re over it and feel like it’s time for your stubborn belly fat to go, giving Skinny Up!® Reduce a chance may just be your best bet. Cut the weight fast and get your belly back down to your desired size in practically no time at all.* This product works fast and is recommended for individuals wanting to lose between 20-30 lbs over a 40-60 day period. 

Alternatives Drinks For A Healthier St Patrick’s Day

Not all alcoholic drinks are necessarily high in sugar, or fat. Many drinks don’t have carbs but in reality, even a vodka soda is going to be around 100 calories. But there are ways to get healthier light drinks so if you are planning on drinking excessively on March 17th, make sure to take a look into what you’ll be putting into your body. Here is a good list and  breakdown of some of our favorite St. Patrick’s day specials that are tasty and not as bad for alcohol weight gain.

Don’t forget that non-alcoholic beverages can also be just as festive and tasty as well. Flavored carbonated waters with little to no carbs can be just as spirited as a beer with just a drop or two of green food coloring. Waters or breaks of some kind in between alcoholic drinks is also strongly recommended any time you’re going to be “having a few”. 

Better yet, if having less of a desire to drink heavily sounds good to you for this year’s festivities, or you want to drink the night away and worry about it later, the Skinny Up!® product line might just be something to look into. Part of our protocol, before the reduce phase, is specifically designed for that exact purpose. During the loading phase you’re allowed to eat carbs and drink alcohol so if you’re looking to start a diet or weight loss journey, this might just be the motivation you need to kick it off. Check out the entire protocol and product line for more info.

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