Healthy Valentine’s Day Weight Loss Just For You Or That Special Someone

It’s that time of year again, where all the Christmas decorations start coming down and the décor of your favorite stores or groceries begins to change. Usually, in January, stores start to be overrun by giant teddy bears and huge heart-shaped boxed candies and chocolates. The Valentine’s Day holiday may be romantic for many but if you’re trying to continue your good health and eating behaviors beyond just the first few months of the year, Cupid’s Hallmark holiday may have other plans for you.

As we all know, candy and chocolates aren’t exactly what most people have in mind when making their New Year's resolutions. Valentine’s Day can be the first big challenge for many when it comes to keeping out those pesky cravings we see time and time again creeping up from out of the blue. Skinny Up is committed to helping you continue to lose weight and meet your weight loss goals but also keep off that weight and keep the sugar cravings away.* Our products are specifically designed to help you get through all these steps as low stress and painless as possible.

At Home Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge

Weight loss challenges on Pinterest have been gaining traction this past year due to the pandemic. Without gyms to go to, people need some additional motivation to get workouts in, and often, end up just cutting it out of the day altogether... Which is why Skinny Up!® is such a perfect fit for the season. The Skinny Up!® protocol works perfectly alongside mild and moderate exercise. If you’d like to create your own exercise challenge, here are a few good ideas to help you get a plan in place. Otherwise, these three popular brands of weight loss challenges, below, are a few of our favorites for mild to moderate exercise which compliment our program perfectly:

  • TheHealthy- Build confidence, reduce stress, and have fun while doing it. This website and App assistant can get you on the right track with plenty of good nutrition and exercise practices
  • Gymundo- Challenge yourself a bit with this well known, pay for fitness subscription service. A wide variety of different types of programs depending on what you’re looking for
  • 1PercentFit- A slightly longer challenge here (60 days) but you might just win some money while losing weight.

A Healthy Valentine's Day Gift To Yourself

Following day by day instructions for your dietary protocol and exercise goals may be enough to reach those weight loss goals, if your goals are around creating healthy daily habits. Whether it’s a January New Years Resolution you’re sticking to or something more like a Valentine's Day weight loss challenge, you may need an additional boost to get those few extra pesky pounds off. The Skinny Up!® product line is specifically designed to help you lose weight faster with less strenuous exercise activities.** It also aids in curbing unhealthy food cravings that can be the downfall of any weight loss program if left unchecked. Check out our products and packages now for more information.

When you think about the time and energy it takes to follow through with a workout routine or diet to the point where you are actually seeing results, oftentimes you are already so physically and/or mentally exhausted from the ordeal that you just don’t have the capability to continue. With the full Skinny UpDeluxe Package, you will be treated to all three of our magnificent products to help you lose up to 20-30lbs fast.* This specific timeline includes a 40-day protocol with an additional 3 weeks of Retrain Phase. This package also includes the protocol guide, to walk you through the process, as well as the Skinny Up!® journal, coaching support tips, and recipes.

Lose Weight Bye Valentine’s Day and Continue On Losing After

One bottle of Skinny Up!® Reduce takes you through a 12-day protocol, which is perfect for the person who just wants to try out our product line without jumping all the way in. If fast, efficient weight loss without feeling hungry or jittery is what you're looking for*, Skinny Up!® Reduce weight loss drops may be perfect for you. Lose up to 10 pounds of stubborn belly fat in those short twelve days.** Once you’re convinced from our product already working it’s magic, we're confident that you'll be back to try more of our amazing products.

Say, however, that sugar cravings are and have always been your vice. Fret no more because our Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux product is perfect for you. Yeast Redux works to kill candida yeast overgrowth which is the typical cause of sugar cravings. By going on our candida cleanse, Yeast Redux will work to effectively stop these pesky cravings at the source while also assisting to heal your digestive system through the introduction of prebiotics.

Other Healthy Valentine's Day Tips For Your Weight Goals

Moderate exercise and a strict Skinny Up!® designed diet, supported with the Skinny Up!® products on your side, are all combined to form a great strategy in accomplishing your weight goals. Other complications can arise, however, when the real world has its way with your daily routines. Valentine's day and the weeks leading up to it are no different. Being bombarded everywhere you go, with chocolates and candies, may just be a weakness for you, and giving in to such temptations could have negative effects on your weight loss or weight maintenance journey. 


It is for these reasons that we would encourage you to use holidays like Valentine's Day to your benefit. Consider scheduling to do the Loading Phase of the Skinny Up!® Protocol over Valentine's Day so that there is a purpose behind some of those extra treats.

Even though our Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux product is specifically designed to curb sugar cravings with our candida cleanse, those cravings might not die off as quickly as you’d want. Healthy candy might be an oxymoron to many people but there are ways to get around the extremely high levels of sugar in those tasty treats. These favorites of ours are good ways to stick close to our approved diet while still allowing you a few sweet or savory treats here and there.

  • Low Carb Candy- The Keto diet is taking the world by storm. Here are a few Keto Candy ideas to keep you on a low to no carb diet without those cheat days
  • Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats- Valentine’s day treats don’t have to be unhealthy. Check out these delicious, yet nutritious delectables for you and that special someone.
  • 25 More Healthy Indulgences- Here are a few more ideas just in case candies and sweets aren’t exactly your thing

New Levels Of Allure And Attractiveness For A Slim New You

Valentine’s Day is often seen to be this overly romantic holiday where you spoil your significant other with romantic scenes and after-hours activities. It’s very focused on someone else and not enough about treating yourself. Getting to a goal weight and losing those extra lbs for your significant other is a surefire way to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for them, but what about you?


Losing weight can make you feel great about yourself by providing a confidence boost and assurance in oneself. This year may have been tough on the body and mind so maybe a full restart is in order! Feel attractive this Valentine's day, sure, but feel good about yourself first and foremost with a healthy lifestyle change along with good positive energy and an additional boost from Skinny Up!® to get to that goal weight ASAP. Contact us today for more information, or commit to our program and try our product.

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