The Gift of Health

The Gift of Health Who says the season of giving is over? Maybe you were a part of culture who celebrated this past month with gifts and family gatherings. Perhaps it was stressful, or perhaps it’s something you truly enjoy.  Either way, how much time did you allocate to you? The new year is a wonderful time to reassess priorities and set goals. It’s also a wonderful time to focus on what is healthy and best for you. And although it’s been a stigma, healthy is not selfish. In fact, it’s one of the most unselfish acts as your health affects all areas of your life. The better you feel, the more you show up for those you love, the better you treat your co-workers, the neighbors, your family, your pets. The better they are treated, the more likely they are to shine in their own lives, positively affecting all those they come into contact with daily. Taking care of you could very well be the best thing you do for everyone around you. So what does this look like? How can you take better care of yourself today?At Skinny Up! We value you, your health, and your success, and want to set you up with five tips toward healthy:  
  • Set new priorities. Our actions are often a result of our top priorities. Is your daily routine a result of what is most important to you or are you simply in survival mode?
  • Look into detox. Toxicity is rampant are hard to avoid. We absorb pollutants in the air we breathe, through the products we use, and unfortunately through much of the food we digest. A detox will having you feeling healthy, vibrant, and ready. Read more about our detox here. You can also look into supplementing a physical detox with a spiritual and emotional detox as all of these affect our overall health.
  • Set limits. How are you spending your time? Are you saying yes too often and overcommitting? Are you checking out with tv or social media? The beauty of prioritizing your life is the amount of power you reclaim when you prioritize. Set limits on what activities you agree to and what is alignment with your priorities. You’ll find you have more energy and control over your own life and schedule.
  • Fast from something (or somethings) consuming large amounts of your time. TV,  social media,  mindless eating - what types of activities consume too much of your time? What could you take a break from for awhile?
  • Make a life-giving to-enjoy list. I’ve heard it often said - it’s not our physical bodies that are tired, it’s our souls that are tired. So instead of tiring your mind with your to-do lists, think on what gives you life. What stirs passion and excitement within you? Maybe it’s a walk in nature or a good book. Maybe you like to watch football or go fly fishing. Whatever causes you a surge of joy, write it down and make plans to enjoy it this week.
  Whether you begin with a few tips at a time or all five, know we believe in you and are here to support your journey. Call us at 970-541-2793 or email   You are so so worth it!!

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