Taking a Look at 2019

Taking a Look at 2019 Are you one to set goals for the new year? Have you already set a few goals you’ve already thrown out the window? Or are you feeling pretty stellar a few weeks into 2019 - if so, way to go! I’ve found when I write and plan out specific goals for my year, I’m more likely to accomplish what I’ve set out to do and feel better overall. And maybe you’d like to start slowly by reflecting on a few questions: What’s most important to you? How do you want to feel this year? What one thing would make you outrageously proud of yourself to have accomplished within the next eleven months?
    1. Start with the big dreamy dreams. Why not? You’re worth it! This is the best part. What inspires you? Is it music? Being outdoors? Friends?
    2. Scale down to decide what your top 10 goals are for the year. And if 10 feels overwhelming, scale it down even more. What are your top five goals? What is one big goal you have for the new year? You can even look into different types of goals - healthy living, financial, spiritual, relationship goals - you name it!
    3. Enroll friends to join you. Maybe you’ll find your goals are similar to others’ in your life. Surely having others involved will make the task more enjoyable. Especially if your goal is to take up dancing or go to the gym more often - or to do a detox - woo, Skinny Up! (link to website)
    4. Identify what has stopped you before. After a lifetime of setting new goals, you’re bound to run into the same types of roadblocks again and again. What patterns do you see? Is it social pressure? Time? Money? Management of schedule and priorities?
    5. Make an action plan for why it will be different. Why is *this* year your year? Because you are taking steps necessary, planning ahead, evaluating what has worked before and what hasn’t. Consider your usual roadblocks and set a plan of action.
    6. Affirmations. Sometimes our biggest hindrance in reaching any goal is we don’t quite believe in ourselves yet. Affirmations are a good self-coaching tool to help us remember - we are so so worth it! Affirmations might look like, “my body is getting stronger and healthier every day,” or “I breathe in calmness and breathe out worry.
    7. Mini celebrations. Celebrating along the way allows us to enjoy the process. What mini (non-food) celebrations can you plan in during each small step toward your goal?
    8. Growth mindset. Your effort counts! And it counts much more than not trying at all. Maintaining a growth mindset means it’s ok to fail along the way. Maybe you aren’t reaching your goal as quickly as you had anticipated. Instead of measuring the quickness of progress, measure the effort you’ve put in, as well as the lessons you are learning.
    9. Make them fun! Why not? These are for you! You get to make the rules!
    10. Goal setting calendars: When you can keep track however you prefer, why not try out a goal setting calendar? https://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/free-printable-goal-setting-calendar/
      No matter the goal you set, whether it’s for the entire year or the next week - we are here for you, friends! If you’d like a kickstart, head on over to our website (link website here) and be inspired by those who have already begun their journey toward tremendous feats in twenty-nineteen!

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