Santa Claus Isn't Real

How old were you before you figured out that Santa Claus is not real. That he did not, in fact, come down a chimney that probably didn’t exist in your house anyway. That he didn’t fly all over the world in 24 hours with a really large bag that had all the Christmas toys in it and one that was exactly what you wanted and had asked for. When did you first say to yourself, “something’s fishy here. I can’t just write 'North Pole' on this envelope and somehow Santa just automaticity get this." “Why does Santa use the TV to show us all these cool toys that are at Walmart, Target and ToysRUS?” Brutal truth...Santa doesn’t exist and isn’t real.

Apply that to artificial sweeteners.

Do you really think that you can eat and drink things that aren’t real and not pay a price? Diet drinks and food aren’t real. They are made of chemicals that taste like the real thing but aren’t. Have you ever had the thought that, “I can drink this sweet tasting liquid all day long and not have any consequences !" “I can eat these sweet tasting cookies all day long and not have any consequences as well”. The diet industry wants you to believe that. As long as you’re constantly trying to lose weight, the industry is happy. They even pull the wool over our eyes by labeling things with the word-‘diet’ on it. Like Santa, it makes us think that something is real when in fact it isn’t. There’s a saying that ‘you can borrow for a while but eventually you have to pay’. That’s how it is in the body. You can tell yourself for a while that, “I can have just one more little piece of that pie or cookie, it makes no difference. No one will notice’. We know it’s wrong but we hope against all hope that the body won’t take an accounting on what we’re doing and actually start to add everything up. That maybe there is still some semblance of a Santa in all this but there isn’t. You see, sugar is a real thing. Artificial sweeteners are a fake sugar. One can be dealt with, the other can not. The body inputs everything that is taken into it. It calculates the carbs, fats and proteins for you. It also calculates artificial sweeteners as well. With the advent of the canned sodas and the hyper preserved foods, the amount of sweeteners in our society and our bodies has skyrocketed. We have to come to reality that something that is sweet is sugar filled and that that bodes poorly for those of us who want to have a healthy life and fit body. You can borrow for a while and believe that that sweet drink isn’t really bad for us and that the body won’t mind the addition of this fake intruder. But is it really true? Is there really no penalty for ‘looking the other way’ on something that we know to be bad for us? We can only get away with believing in Santa for only so long and eventually reality comes to fruition and the fib was found out or worse, the lie was propagated. Our decisions about our health and eating habits have an accounting as well. Weight gain is real. Obesity is real. We can falsely continue to turn our heads and look the other way or we can take it head on and ‘grow up’ by becoming responsible for our own actions in life and live the Skinny Up!® lifestyle that allows real, reasonable, responsible outcomes to occur that are true and predictable. No hype, no excuses, no lies. No more believing in Santa. Skinny Up!® is the fastest way humanly possible to lose weight safely, effectively and if you follow the protocol, permanently. Go to to learn more about creating the new you in 2019.

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