How to Set Appropriate Weight Loss Goals

Have you ever struggled with setting a real, doable goal when it comes to weight loss? It seems like every January we all take into account what we’d like to see happen in the new year… and that’s a good thing! It is good to get some perspective and really look at the habits that we have cultivated in the last twelve months. But perhaps you are like the bulk of people who think about it in January, blink twice, and all of a sudden it is June and you’re halfway through a package of Oreos wondering when the change is going to come. That is why setting appropriate goals when it comes to weight loss is so important. 


6 things to take into consideration when setting weight loss goals for yourself

1. Lifestyle

What do you enjoy in life? Is it being social? Getting outside? Relaxation? Being active? All of these are good, but getting healthy CAN be something that you enjoy which is something that not everyone realizes. There is a common thought that if you need to lose weight, you need to hit the gym. Well, that takes time, money, and physical exertion… and not everyone is able to give those. Check out this blog on how exercise might actually be hindering your weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, it is often a much better approach to lose weight first, and then begin working out to gain muscle tone. To work out while carrying tons of excess weight can put additional strain on the body which is already stressed in the first place. So take your lifestyle into account. Be honest with yourself about where you’re starting this journey from and make a decision that fits your life. Every person is different and getting healthy while losing weight is going to look different for each person.  

2. How Much Weight You Need to Lose

Goal setting is going to be much more effective if you consider what your true needs are. It can be tempting to minimize or be overly dramatic about your weight loss needs. Think through what is ideal for your body type. Things to consider might be:
  • Your age
  • How much you currently weigh
  • How much muscle you likely have
  • If you have a medical condition
  • What everyday life looks like for you
If you are 65 and looking for the body you had when you were 20, it will be a much more difficult road than simply getting to a healthy weight. Bodies change, hormones change, and it is good to take your entire life, including all of your needs, into account.  

3. When Would You Like to Achieve this Goal By

The way in which you go about tackling your weight loss goal will be greatly affected by how fast you’d like to reach your goal. Let’s say there is a wedding coming up in two months that you’d like to fit into your cute new dress… well going to the gym twice each week isn’t going to cut it. Think through it realistically. No one is going to be able to lose 30 pounds in a week. There are certainly healthy ways to lose that amount within a few weeks, but there is no overnight solution that doesn’t drain you completely of fluids or cause your body to become overly stressed. If you find that you’ve wrapped yourself in saran wrap and are headed for a jog… it’s time to reassess those goals a bit. This leads us to…  

4. Be Realistic

We basically just said this, but it is worth it to say one more time. You need to be realistic. If you’ve decided that you’re going to become a runner in an effort lose weight, it will take longer than beginning with your diet alone. It is also worth noting that being realistic does not mean that it has to take you a year to lose some significant weight. Things like Skinny Up!® exist to enable the body to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Don’t get crazy with those goals, expecting the unreal. But, also, don’t sell yourself short on setting goals that are exciting to reach.  

5. Choose Wisely

When setting weight loss goals, it is important to truly take your health into consideration. Don’t go consuming any product, medication, or supplement simply because it claims great results. You need to be aware of what you’re putting into your body and asking your major organs to process. Love your liver by avoiding toxic and harsh chemicals. Love your adrenal glands by not consuming huge amounts of caffeine. Love your brain by not depriving it of necessary fats. Choose wisely for the sake and longevity of your health. Choosing wisely also means choosing what is best for the important relationships in your life. Perhaps you can find a workout program that you and your spouse can do together. Do that! Choose something that is beneficial for you on a multitude of levels in your life.  

6. Try Skinny Up!®

Skinny Up!® has been designed to get you results in an efficient and healthy way. By using Skinny Up!® products while following the Skinny Up!® protocol, the brain and body are able to work together to consume stored nutrition from the visceral fat cells. At the same time, the major organs have the task of processing stored toxicity and hormones so that you are left with healthy fat cells. The game-changer of Skinny Up!®, though, lies with Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux. Yeast Redux specifically targets and kills candida yeast overgrowth which is the typical cause of sugar cravings. With these troublesome cravings out of the way, you are able to lose weight without the constant desire to not just “fall off the wagon” but “throw yourself off the wagon.” Yeast Redux enables you to lose weight more efficiently and then keep it off. Addressing cravings at the source is vital for continued weight loss success. And to top it off, Skinny Up!® offers a 30-day money-back guarantee… so there is literally no risk. Try it today!

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