Sugar & Preventable Disease, part 1

A few weeks ago, while on the phone with my mom, she shared with me the latest.

Dad had been diagnosed with diabetes.

At 56 years young and as a collegiate track coach, news of this diagnosis would seem shocking - except it wasn’t. Dad ran on soda. I think he’d get some sort of dopamine rush when he pulled into the gas station before work, after work, for fun. His diet up until now hasn’t been stellar either, as it’s easy to swing by whatever is quickest on the way home. Dad has been coaching track and field since he graduated. And, you might guess, he was a track and field athlete all through high school and college. A lifetime athlete. Someone who has been able to make a range of nutritional choices without immediately seeing the effects. Until now. Until the sugar he’s been saturating his system with has actually taken over the balance of his gut bacteria, and his organs are confused not knowing when to make what and how to function the way they were made to function. In fact, he now needs medicine to regulate his systems and organs. He needs medicine to survive. When mom shared the news with me, I felt it. I was angry. Not necessarily at dad, more frustrated we so easily accept this as reality. Frustrated learning most of my family post 55 has been diagnosed with diabetes. Knowing this disease is preventable. Knowing we ALL deserve more. As I was sitting with the feelings, she encouraged me with his words immediately after diagnosis:

Not for long.

His world had been rocked that day and with the heavy news came an equal force in the opposite direction - one of strength, power, persistence, and audacity. It’s not too late. He has a choice. He could forfeit his own power to medicine and continue to manage what was now his. Or, he can stand up for his health and the quality of the rest of his life. He could make changes in his lifestyle and choices to ultimately reverse his diagnosis. Even better, dad has access to Yeast Redux, which will go in and clear out the candida overgrowth caused by all the sugar intake. He’ll be able to reset his gut bacteria to a normal, healthy percentage. With Reduce, he’ll detoxify his organs and shed the extra weight. He’ll feel better and not have to rely on anything extra or artificial to increase his energy or clear his mind. Chances are, after protocol he’ll be able to ditch the medicine and use whole, natural, simple foods to regulate his body function. He’ll be able to say with confidence, “I was diabetic, and I am no longer, because I took the opportunity to seize my life and future and do something about my diagnosis.”

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