Fall is the Best for Weight Loss

Ah, fall. The leaves change, the weather gets a little cooler and a little more crisp. It’s a time where you can roll the windows down or turn on the heat… both options are good. Fall is a time where kids are back into the school swing of things, where there are regular, scheduled activities. Meal times become more normal, bedtime gets a little earlier, and there is finally a gap in the schedule between so many gatherings and the holiday season that is in the not too distant future.

It is this gap in the schedule that allows for possibly the best season for weight loss throughout the entire year.

The kids are back to school which means that you have time a space to concentrate on yourself… which is a good thing! It is good to take time to recharge and get healthy so that you’re able to be the parent you want to be. If you don’t have kids, fall still means that kids are back to school so everyone else is about done with all of their summer trips which means you can stop covering for them at work! Routine is incredibly helpful for successful weight loss. The ability to set your schedule and not have to be at social functions where it would be weird to not have a cocktail or beer is key for so many people when it comes to making decisions that align with weight loss protocols.

We have not arrived at the holiday season yet.

It tends to begin with Halloween; the consuming of candy and treats every day. Then within a few weeks we’re at Thanksgiving where we stuff ourselves until we’re sick. A few more weeks and we’re at Christmas doing it all again and then only a week until New Years where we eat and drink way too much one more time. If that’s not enough, we head towards Valentine’s Day and then St. Patrick’s Day to keep the party going. After that, it’s only a hot second until spring break… You see? Fall is one of the only breaks for our American Culture that doesn’t have major eating holidays around nearly every corner. It gives us the chance to take a breath and remember our own goals.

So what are your goals?

What did you promise yourself that you were going to get done this year? How about when it came to weight loss? Was this going to be your year? It still can be. There is a lot of time left in 2018, especially when Skinny Up!® is part of the plan. You can change the shape of your body, create new habits, and get in control before those holidays get here. Why not go into the winter season being fully in control? Why not change the chemistry of your body so that you’re able to say no to treats without feeling sad about it? Weight loss in the fall… preemptive weight loss for the winter is one of the most encouraging and empowering things you could do, so why not? Plus, you can be significantly smaller by the time you see your extended family for Christmas… and that’s always fun.

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