Adrenal Exhaustion... What to Do

You know how sometimes you have too many apps running on your phone and don’t realize it? You look down and your battery’s being sucked dry within an hour or two after being fully charged? That’s what adrenal exhaustion is like. Apps that are running for no reason taking up all the battery reserves. Our adrenal glands are basically our battery reserves. They are little almond shaped glands that sit on our kidneys. They produce adrenaline. Adrenaline gives us energy to take on the challenges of the day. Day after day they continue to give us energy seemingly unending, limitless energy that allows us to feel alive and vibrant. Then the stress of life happens. We don’t sleep as well or as much as we should. We stay out too late, too often. We tend to make poor food and drink choices and suddenly we’re exhausted and can’t catch up and then begins the true meaning of...stress! We need a little ‘pick me up’! We reach for soda or coffee to help spark adrenaline using the power of caffeine.

Tragically, once the adrenal glands get truly exhausted, they really have a tough time getting charged again.

Sometimes adrenal exhaustion causes sleep deprivation to occur. That can sound odd but we get so tired we can’t sleep. We wake up in the morning as exhausted as when we went to bed the night before. We can’t shut the mind off and it causes poor sleep instead of the deep sleep that is intended to help heal and rejuvenate the body and mind every night. So, life truly can be very similar to your smartphone running too many apps draining our batteries down. Our lives are so full and our brains are concentrating on so many different apps... otherwise known as issues or thoughts that we struggle to get any one thing done well. We intellectually realize this and yet continue to say yes to more apps or more things in our life.

Consider some simplification of your life. You’re not missing as much as you think you are when you say no a little more often and yes to the truly prioritized, more important things in life.

How do you begin getting better? Here are a few steps to take to begin healing the adrenal glands and improving asleep.
  • Number one: Start by increasing your B1 vitamins. Take about 100-300mg. B1 is great for the adrenal glands because it helps with nervous tension or stress on the body. Vitamin B6: 5-20mg. B6 helps with production of neurotransmitters. Think more salmon. Vitamin B12: 50-100 mcg. This one is vital for proper neuron function as well as red blood cell production. All of this is good for energy.
  • Number two: It is important to increase your potassium supplementation as well. A great way to do that is to eat a lot of salad; at least 8 ounces of salad per day. That’s going to be on those bags of salad or a large box of salad. Don’t be tricked into eating a half a banana because it simply isn’t enough. Salad consisting of dark, leafy greens is the key.
  • Number three: Consider the addition of Ashwagandha to increase the balance between mental and physical health. 600-1200 mg per day. Ashwagandha helps increase GABA in the brain which is excellent for reducing stress on the nervous system and helping one sleep.
  • Number four: Begin a walking program. Keep it low intensity and attempt to take deep cleansing breaths periodically on your walk. We don’t want to stress the adrenals out by doing a vigorous exercise program during your time of rejuvenation.
  • Number five: Give your adrenals a break by decreasing amount of caffeine in your daily life. If you’re having to reach for multiple caffeine products every day then that may mean that you are adrenally exhausted.

We at Skinny Up!® are committed to improving the lives of everyday people by reducing the stress on the thyroid/adrenal/pituitary complex. We have found that through our dietary protocols, people not only re-shape their bodies but re-invigorate their minds for better sleep and a mild exercise program that’s doable in life, as well as coming out of it with a general hopefulness in the future. Please visit for these and other ideas on how to re-attain your health for a lifetime

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