Honest, Positive Self-Talk

What do you tell yourself when you look in a mirror? Do you say the same things or encourage yourself in the same way that you encourage those who you love in life? If your child or spouse were having a tough day, you wouldn’t tell them to suck it up, be better… “you’re better than this!” You know that some days are just a little more tough.The same encouragement that you give to others is what you, yourself, need. It can be so easy to point out things that seem wrong or not good enough, but life is a journey. The road to improvement is not always easy, but it is good. Change can be a great thing, but there aren’t many things in life that we can decide to make a change and then ‘boom!’ we’re there. This is definitely true for weight loss. During the Skinny Up! protocol, you will see results really fast. But that doesn’t mean that it will only take a few days to get to your goal. The body has a ton of work to do in order to process stored nutrition and stored toxicity, so while Skinny Up! is really fast, it still takes some time. Does this mean it’s not worth it? No! We work hard for good change… that’s a good thing! But on days when you’re not yet at your goal, speak some kind and honest positive self-talk. Here are some examples of what you can say to yourself in the mirror (particularly when you’re in the middle of the Reduce Phase): “I am doing an awesome job by eating well and loving my body well.” “My whole being is benefitting from the choices I’m making today… I rock.” “I have self-control. I am disciplined. I own this day.” “Even if my weight didn’t change today, I know change is coming. I am working hard will bear the fruits of my labor.” “Today is a new day. I get to make new decisions today.” Think about what you tell people when they need encouragement and be sure to share that love with yourself!

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