The Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners When Fighting Sugar Cravings

From sugary beverages and over-processed sweets to artificially flavored candies and more, Americans are bombarded with unhealthy diet options that serve to impact our health in a variety of negative ways. Many people begin their own diet plan, reducing sugar levels in order to increase weight control, lose weight, and generally feel great. Instead of buying a sugary beverage, health-conscious Americans are opting instead for a diet soda. This activity is commonplace and may prove helpful in reducing your caloric intake, but keep in mind that there are much better alternatives available. Skinny Up!® is proud to be your trusted source for all-natural weight loss solutions. Yeast Redux, our doctor-approved candida supplement, is here to help you in your quest to stop unhealthy sugar cravings and regain control of your body and your diet. Our lineup of products relies on all-natural ingredients to restore your body’s healthy state, clearing up the problems associated with yeast overgrowth. Today, we’ll highlight the dangers of artificial sweeteners when used as a weight loss aid. If you’re ready to shed those extra pounds fast while gaining the energy needed to take on the day, be sure to browse our online shop now!*

Counterproductive Results

Many people rely on artificial sweeteners to minimize sugar intake throughout the day. The goal of this strategy is to satiate your sugar cravings with a calorie-free substitute. Unfortunately, these “non-nutritive” sweeteners feature zero calories, which is ultimately a bad thing. The science behind how the body reacts to this artificial element is not fully developed, but links have been found that can connect artificial sweeteners to weight gain. As you absorb this empty sweetener, it begins to retrain your body to expect more favorable results with no consequence. Trials have suggested that artificial products can actually increase weight gain, your BMI reading, the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and more. Additional studies need to be completed to establish a clear conclusion, but the initial results are not good!

Addictive Concerns

Unfortunately, the process of relying on artificial sweeteners to satiate your sweet tooth may prove to be an addictive habit. We all derive pleasure from eating, as this process helps to stave off hunger and keep the body healthy. The process of feeding yourself leads to contentment and satisfaction. Sweeteners, with their zero-calorie attributes, deliver no satisfaction for the brain. This often results in dieters looking to fill their cravings through another route. If you have seen an individual ordering the supersized meal with a diet soda, they are likely looking for fulfillment while abiding by reduced sugar rules.   Instead of relying on calorie-free substitutes to help you lose weight, why not try our all-natural weight loss supplement instead? Skinny Up!® is proud to provide the best products to help our clients work toward the healthiest versions of themselves. We also offer our candida supplement to help you fight back against problems such as leaky gut, delivering quality nutritional support every step of the way! Non-caloric products have been shown to interfere with your body’s metabolism, causing stress where it is not needed and resulting in unwanted results.

Metabolic Conditions

Your body’s metabolism helps convert food into energy. This complex process is influenced by a wide range of factors to determine the rate at which your body turns calories into energy and how much of it is stored. While many people think that artificial sweeteners are beneficial in improving an individual’s metabolism, the results paint a much different picture. One study has found that sweeteners put participants at a 35-percent greater chance of developing metabolic syndrome, a cluster of problems that can result in problems such as:
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Excess weight
  • Increased cholesterol
Metabolic syndrome is a common problem that can severely disrupt the quality of your life. If you are looking to restore your metabolism, target that stubborn belly fat, and benefit from more energy than ever, be sure to check out our Skinny Up!® series for assistance!

Intensifying Inflammation

Increasing data shows that inflammation is among the most prevalent and worrisome symptoms we can present. While this reaction in the body is normal, as white blood cells are rushed to an area in need of healing, chronic inflammation can lead to a host of problems. Artificial sweeteners may worsen the negative effects of inflammation within the digestive tract. Individuals with problems such as Crohn's Disease may suffer from a unique blend of chemical issues with regard to their inflammation.

All-Natural Alternatives

Our suggestion is to minimize your use of artificial sweeteners as much as possible. Dieters hoping to reduce their caloric intake to create the most healthful outcomes often do so because they are hoping to stop sugar cravings, lose weight, and feel great. Skinny Up!® is here to help! Our lineup includes our unbeatable candida cleanse, delivering effective results to help you find mental clarity while reducing your dependence on sugar foods.** Start with Skinny Up!® Today! Our weight loss protocol is designed to provide rapid results with healthful nutrition.* While you may not be on this post looking for the best west loss diet plan, our product lineup can still help against sugar cravings, brain fog, and a whole host of other issues. Our weight loss supplements are effective tools in condition to our yeast treatments, a lineup that kills off unhealthy yeast while promoting the growth of good bacteria. Regardless of your health goals, our weight loss drops are all-natural, doctor-approved, and now available over the counter. Contact us today to learn more or browse our online shop to create your own skinny difference!

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