Life After Skinny Up!®


What does life look like after going through the Skinny Up!® Protocol?

Can I really keep the weight off? It can be easy to wonder about the answer to these questions. Over and over again, it can feel like we’re in the same old situation. We work hard to lose weight and then the second we’re finished with the diet, the weight comes right back on. Is it possible to truly keep the weight off once you’ve lost it? Yes. It really is possible. There is real hope for every person to get to a healthy and ideal weight for their specific body type. So what does life look like when the goal is the keep the weight off while also living a normal life? First of all, take a look at the Things We Hope You Learn blog. Not only do we hope that you learn these things; we hope that you apply them.

Now some specifics on what life looks like after Skinny Up!®:

  • Food is not in control. The feeling that, “if I don’t eat, I may not survive” or perhaps it’s more of a “I cannot imagine not have my six Pepsis today…” that feeling. Life is no longer controlled by thoughts like that. Instead, those who successfully go through the Skinny Up!® Reduce Phase and Retrain Phase are equipped to make decisions that allow food to work for them.
  • Portion control is real thing in life. That can sound kind of lame, but it really isn’t! In going through the Skinny Up!® Protocol, you will learn how much food enables you to feel great and satisfied without going overboard.
  • You weigh yourself every day. The scale becomes a very helpful tool in life after Skinny Up!® because you will be able to continually check in, keeping track of which foods cause you to gain weight, and take action in the form of a steak day if you need.
  • You have a new, restored metabolism. The fear of gaining weight uncontrollably is no longer a threat because you have done the hard work and now get to live in the freedom of eating in a healthy manner without fear or confusion about why your body is acting the way that it is. Your metabolism will be able to correctly handle the healthy food choices that you put into your body. What freedom!
  • Treats are celebratory and totally okay! How wonderful to complete a diet protocol and be able to indulge in some of your favorite foods without the fear that it will make you gain weight. You see, the process of first cleaning out the visceral fat cells during the Reduce Phase and then cementing in your new normal during the Retrain Phase causes your body to rest in your current normal. When treats are consumed on occasion, the body is able to recognize that the additional sugar that day is out of the ordinary, it doesn’t need to keep it, and it can simply process it through and out.
  • You look good. That really is a fun reality about life after Skinny Up!®. You have lost weight and it’s not coming back as long as you make good, healthy choices… which is easy these days!
Way to go. Seriously, it’s not the easiest thing in the world. Skinny Up!® takes self-discipline and perseverance, but once you make it, you’ve really made it.

A few things that should be mentioned as they are NOT part of life after Skinny Up!®:

  • Weight gain. If you go through the Retrain Phase and faithfully adhere to the protocol the whole way through,
  • Bloating happens to dilute toxicity, excess hormones, or large amounts of stored nutrition that the body has to deal with. With toxicity cleared out through the Skinny Up!® Protocol, hormones have a fresh start at being balanced, and the body has fat cells that have been cleaned out and cleared out in a major way. There is much less for the body to worry about and therefore bloating should be at a new low.
  • You’ve now gone through the tough work of cleaning out candida yeast overgrowth which can tend to cause sugar cravings and then when we satisfy those cravings, causes sugar crashes and over a large period of time, lethargy. By killing off candida yeast overgrowth, the body is able to finally remain at a healthy energy level as long as you continue with your awesome eating habits that were created in the Retrain Phase.

Here’s to abundant, empowered, encouraged, equipped life. We hope that Skinny Up!® is a catalyst for huge and amazing change that you stick with for the rest of your life.

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