Goal Setting Encouragement

There is freedom

In case you didn’t know, there is freedom within goal setting. So often, we feel pressure to have similar goals to people around us, but those don’t fuel us in life. They’re not our goals. And that is okay. I live in Colorado and there are a lot of mountains around, so hiking is a big thing to do around here. I am a person who really doesn’t like hiking. Other people have goals of climbing various mountains and standing at the tippy-top of a bunch of peaks. I just don’t really care about that. For awhile in life, I felt a little bit dumb for not liking to hike. But I honestly don’t care about getting to the top of a cool mountain. I could watch a video about it… or there are a few train rides you can do that get you to a cool view. I’m all about an old fashioned 4-wheeler ride to the top of something. But walking to the top… Eh, I’d rather not. So what types of goals do you have? And why do you have them? Especially when it comes to your body, it’s good to have your own goals and your own reasoning behind those goals. In an effort to remind you of the freedom you get to have in life, here are a few truths for you today:
  1. You can want to be a certain body type because you think it’s cute/attractive/looks good/etc. I.e. you can have a goal of being thin to look good if you want. You don’t need to explain that to anybody.
  2. You can set health goals without setting the goal of running a marathon. So often, we set extreme goals that we know we won’t make so then we just give up. Set something that is achievable for you.
  3. You can take goals one step at a time, remembering that change is good and progress is progress.
  4. You can also jump off into the deep end of the pool and really go for it with your goals. Both tactics work… what works for you?

Some honesty for you

We truly believe that you can reach your goals, especially when it comes to your health and body weight. You have an ability to work hard, have grit, and persevere until your goal is met. You have the ‘umph’ stick with difficult things and make changes in your life in order to meet the goals that you’ve set. You really can do it. The thing is, if you never actually make some changes, you won’t ever change. We hear it a lot from people who are using Skinny Up!® products and really would like to see change and meet their goals, but they’re unwilling to stick to the protocol because they’re bored or perhaps they just don’t like eating vegetables or protein. Will there be success or change? Of course not! So why set that goal if you don’t mean to truly achieve it. Goals are goals because they require work and change. With freedom, set goals that are life-giving for you, personally. And then stick to them! You can do it! We believe in you and we, as Skinny Up!®, exist to help you reach your goals when it comes to your body. Health and vitality are achievable.

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