Stop Those Persistent Sugar Cravings With Our Candida Cleanse

Our country has long held a reliance on antibiotics to treat a myriad of ailments, killing off bad bacteria in the process. An unfortunate consequence is the removal of good bacteria, creating an unstable environment in your digestive tract that can result in a number of side effects. One problem that is prevalent across our society is an overgrowth of yeast, which is normally found in your gastrointestinal tract. Without the good bacteria to combat this yeast, also known as Candida, your body can come under attack. Candida overgrowth is a prevalent problem that can seriously restrict your quality of life if left unchecked. It can help to find an effective Candida cleanse, which is where Skinny Up!® comes into play. Skinny Up! is our lineup of natural weight loss supplements help to burn stored fat to deliver energy to our customers, while our Yeast Redux line is meant to serve as your go-to Candida supplement. The Skinny Up!® line of all-natural products works to stop sugar cravings at the source.* Today, we’ll look into the cause of these unhealthy cravings and the science behind our Candida treatment. If you feel that you are constantly dealing with sugar cravings, brain fog, yeast infections, or any of the symptoms listed on our Yeast Redux page, be sure to pick up a bottle for yourself!

Disturbing the Body’s Ecology

For a long time, people have looked at sugar cravings as a matter of self-control. The need for sugary foods is mental and can be overcome with determination and willpower, right? Wrong. Modern health practices have looked toward the gut as the source of many health issues, with an overgrowth of yeast as the main culprit. At its core, the delicate balance of the flora in your gastrointestinal tract depends on a constant struggle between good bacteria and yeast. Properly balanced levels of yeast can actually be beneficial, working with the good bacteria to fight inflammation, flush out toxins, and so on. Most people suffer from this overgrowth due to poor dieting (think high amounts of sugar) and the liberal use of antibiotics. When left unchecked, yeast can grow out of control, creating an imbalance that results in serious sugar cravings.

Feeding the Beast

Yeast thrives on sugar products, and as the levels of yeast in your system grows, so does their demand for more sweets. Products such as fruit, dairy, starchy vegetables, breads, and granulated sugar will only exacerbate the issue, creating additional health concerns for the body. High levels of sugar are known to be unhealthy because they become acidic and promote inflammation in the body. Oftentimes, the symptoms of this imbalance manifest as disruptive health issues that are common enough in nature to be ignored or explained with an illness such as the common cold. Without a quality Candida treatment option, individuals are at risk of falling into a vicious cycle.

Damaging Dietary Issues

High levels of sugar cause inflammation, sapping the body’s ability to fight off bad bacterial organisms like Candida. This overgrowth is now being blamed for numerous issues, including damages to the intestinal walls. Holes can begin to form in your intestinal tract, leaking harmful Candida into the bloodstream and transporting it throughout the body. A newer term known as “leaky gut syndrome” has, over the past decade, been used to explain the damages that can arise from unhealthy gastrointestinal systems. While not medically recognized, leaky gut has gained steam as a possible main culprit in a myriad of health woes, mainly due to the food, bacteria, and toxins that can escape from holes in the digestive tract. With thinned walls and leak points, your intestines may become very inflamed and fail to work properly, continuing the vicious cycle associated with Candida overgrowth.

Serious Nutritional Concerns

In recent years, inflammation has gained notoriety as the bane of your body’s health. Beyond the higher risk of developing cancer and the compromised immune system is the daily issue concerning nutritional uptake. Simply put, your intestines will not be able to move and properly digest food when bogged down by Candida, robbing your body of essential nutrients in the process. The human body relies on nutrition for fuel and immune strength. Candida issues can effectively sap both benefits, hampering your immune system and blocking the restorative processes at the same time. Unfortunately, this yeast will consume the energy-producing nutrients you need to thrive, creating serious fatigue, brain fog, and unhealthy sugar cravings.

Treating the Problem with Our Candida Cleanse

Fighting the yeast problem may sound like a daunting task, but our doctor-approved Candida cleanse is here to help! Skinny Up!® is proud to offer our Yeast Redux, which utilizes all-natural ingredients that strive to:
  • Stop the growth of Candida yeast
  • Foster the growth of good bacteria
  • Promote healing for the damages caused by yeast
Restoring your gut’s flora is an important step in regaining your health, restoring clarity, finding new energy, and finally stopping those intense sugar cravings. Browse our online shop and try our Candida treatment for yourself to feel the skinny difference!

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