Antibiotics and Sugar Cravings

There is a connection between antibiotic therapy, antibiotics in your food and sugar cravings!

By and large, most people don’t realize that 80% of the antibiotics being absorbed into the human genome or body are not from prescription antibiotics. Most antibiotics are actually in our foods, namely our meat sources. Meat production in our countries uses antibiotics to help improve growth, and not to treat illness in the livestock that they are raising. Because of this, antibiotics are naturally going into our gut system and killing off bacterial function, causing an effect that is detrimental and pathologic. People don’t realize that up to 80 trillion cells in our intestines are bacteria, accounting for 2-3 pounds of your weight. When antibiotics are introduced, there is a clear cutting, like a ravaging wildfire.  Just as in those horrific fires, where you see everything decimated; all houses, all structures, all plants are completely burned up... The same thing is happening in our intestinal tracts. Antibiotics go in and create this type of decimation. Yeast, which is an opportunistic type of fungus, now gains a stronghold and an imbalance occurs. The bulk of our intestinal mucosa should be made up of about 90% bacteria and about 10% yeast. When those ratios get reversed, leaky gut happens. Yeast, with its powerful tentacle-like legs called hypha, creates holes in the mucosa of the intestinal wall, which today is known as leaky gut syndrome. As our food passes through our intestines and absorption is occurring, small particles of food get held up at these small pinpricks in the intestinal wall, first creating irritation, and then becoming an allergic response or reaction as they’re passed through the wall. This is where autoimmune dysfunction begins. Prior to the 1940’s, there was no such thing as an antibiotic. People were only able to eat what they were able to grow and harvest from their livestock. The introduction of technical processing of food to create a long shelf life, food additives, along with increased sugar and increased salt, allowed for slower decay of our food in our grocery stores. Fast forward to today. 75 years of increased processing of our food and increased antibiotic therapies in our livestock and in healthcare, have increased yeast overgrowth in our bodies, specifically in the intestines.

The Microbiome

Science has now proven that a communication exists between our intestines and our brain. When our intestines are filled with the proper ratio of bacteria and yeast, the brain is able to make healthy nutritional decisions. As our intestines are under assault, being overtaken by yeast and the ratios are reversed, the brain begins to make very poor decisions about its nutritional needs. This concept is known as ‘the microbiome’, or ‘gut-brain relationship’. Poor health begins by being introduced to this vicious cycle by a combination of errors:
  • One: the application of antibiotics through livestock and medicine.
  • Two: the increased use of sugar as a preservative creating this primary detrimental habit to be formed.
  • Three: the lack of a rebuilding process in the intestines giving the organism the ability to heal and go back to the proper ratios of bacteria to yeast in the microbiome.
These sugar cravings are being run by the microbiome. Your brain is telling you to search out fuel to feed the confused gut which has tragically been overtaken by yeast and the vicious cycle continues. “As we eat more sugar, our yeast grows which demands more sugar.” This message is being relayed to the brain which creates stronger and stronger cravings which continue until you relent and give into the sugar cravings. It’s not if; It’s when.

Falling off the wagon again

‘Why do I fail and have cravings that allow me to fall off the wagon?’ Talk about the million dollar question. The big idea is to control yeast at its source because without that, you’ll never win. Historically, only 3 or 4 generations ago, our society had to physically work hard and the foods that create yeast were burned up through hard physical labor. Today, we no longer have that call for hard physical labor with the advent of computers, increased communication, improved socioeconomic norms and technology in general. There is no longer an increased metabolic necessity. Cravings are more easily attached to individuals that have been assaulted by this current nutritional model where we are heavy on yeast producing grains and very light on protein and fat. This all contributes to an abnormal drive towards the wrong foods, or in other words, anything that increases my yearning for yeast or sugar. Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux has been created to meet this challenge at its core. If we don’t address the yeast in this equation, the cravings never really go away and we never really have a chance to win the battle. Yeast Redux is a not a probiotic, but rather has a prebiotic, FOS (fructo oligo sacaride) which is a  cool prebiotic that hunts down any surviving bacteria and encourages it to grow and re-implant itself. Acai extract digestive enzyme blends, spinach, green tea extract, grape seed root, jerusalem artichoke and garlic have also been added which is a powerful synergistic blend proven to slow down cravings immediately and begin the difficult task of reducing yeast activity. You don’t have to keep beating your head against the wall.  We’ve figured out the cause of your frustration and inability to succeed in the long term struggle against ‘CRAVINGS’.  We’re here to help guide you through the difficult challenge of returning to controlling yeast in the body and therefore stop the vicious cycle of falling off the wagon.  Here’s to empowerment!

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