8 Reasons that Skinny Up!® is a Great Gift

  1. It's Really the Gift of Empowerment. So often, we at Skinny Up!® get the feedback that the Skinny Up!® protocol is SO empowering. Successfully going through the Skinny Up!® protocol enables you to be in control of your diet, your weight, and the choices you make. It’s interesting that if we can get organized in one area of life, that organization and empowerment tends to spill over into other areas of life. One customer spoke of how getting in control of his soda addiction actually ended up having a positive impact on his spiritual life. So cool!
  2. Skinny Up!® is the Gift That Keeps on Giving. For you and everyone you're close to in life, Skinny Up!® is often the gift that keeps on giving. Feeling in control and confident in your body after reaching your goals is fun and that confidence spills over into your relationships. Enjoy renewed energy in your relationships in the coming years with Skinny Up!®
  3. You can Start Off 2018 the Right Way. It seems like every other person has the goal in the new year to reach new body goals and by the time February rolls around, or March if you’re really sticking to it, the goals tend to got lost in the jumble of life. Well what if you just knocked those goals out of the way and got onto life by the end of January? Here's to 2018 being all about really living life to the fullest and not worrying about getting those goals reached. Let's reach them right off the bat.
  4. You'll kill of candida yeast overgrowth. Candida yeast overgrowth is responsible for so many health symptoms and is caused by poor diet or antibiotic use... so we all have some issue with candida overgrowth in life. Check out this list of the top 10 signs of candida overgrowth that includes brain fog, sugar cravings, headaches, and many other signs.
  5. It’s a Great and Bonding Thing to do Together. Skinny Up!® becomes easier and more fun to do when done together. So if you’re already planning on doing Skinny Up!® or you know someone who is planning on starting, get on board! Seriously, Christmas shopping is more and more difficult, so give the gift of health to yourself and your spouse or best friend. It will be fun to do together.
  6. You’re Adding Years to Your Life. Check out these statistics that have to do with obesity… It is no joke that losing weight can have a significant impact on your life and the amount of time you have left. Why not spend the most time possible enjoying grandkids, weddings, graduations and all of the fun that life has to offer?
  7. Gain a Clear Mind. Check out Dale’s story where he talks about how after just a week of the Skinny Up!® protocol, he already felt ahead of everyone else at work meetings. It’s an interesting this that happens when you detoxify your brain, the sugar and yeast clear out and you’ll find yourself thinking faster than everyone else in the room. If you suffer from brain fog, Skinny Up!® is a must.
  8. Freedom From Sugar Addiction. As mentioned earlier, candida overgrowth is often the underlying cause for sugar cravings and as you can imagine, maintaining weight loss success is WAY easier if you’re not craving the thing that made you gain weigh in the first place. So give yourself a chance at long-term success by addressing the problem of those nasty cravings at the source.

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