New Year, New You: Goal Setting

A lot of people choose not to set new goals because they never end up keeping them… And that makes a ton of sense. To commit to jogging 5 days each week when you actually hate running isn’t giving yourself much room to succeed at that goal. So why not give yourself the gift of reaching your body goals in just a few weeks and get on to living. That’s the beauty of Skinny Up!® products. You can get the hard work done, reach those goals, and focus on life and how it should be lived… fully. Some great resolutions might be:
  • Play with the kids more often
  • Take more family pictures
  • Go on walks regularly
  • Ride your bicycle weekly this summer
  • Keep the garden weeded this year
  • Learn to play pickleball or tennis
These are just a few suggestions that have aren’t about weight loss, but are so much easier if you’re not carrying around that extra 30 pounds. So, as you decide on what resolutions you would like to have be a part of your life, it’s important to set goals to achieve and really implement those resolutions. Some helpful guidelines to successful goal setting are:
  1. Know why you’re making a resolution. Take gardening, for instance. If you’re wanting to keep the garden weeded so that your neighbors won’t roll their eyes when they see your yard, then it might just be time for a cup of coffee with them to get to know each other on a deeper level. If, however, you love to be out in the sunshine and you feel a bit of accomplishment with each little weed that you yank out of the ground, then great!
  2. Know how you will recognize that you’ve achieved your goal. Goals resolutions are much more difficult to achieve if they’re so ambiguous, you’ve never actually achieved them. So ask yourself, “is this measurable in any way?” Maybe it’s that you’re going to lose 30 pounds. Maybe it’s that you’re going to play with your kids in the yard once a week and go on a camping trip this summer. If you can look back and know that “Yes, I did that,” or, “No, I didn’t do that,” then you know your goal or resolution was measurable.
  3. Write it down. Use this FREE printable to help set goals and keep this sheet around throughout the year to come back and see what you’ve done. Put it somewhere like your planner or wallet so that you don’t lose it and so that you can see it regularly. Here is wallet size printable if you'd rather!
Your goals, like you, are totally worth it. So, if your goals are all about fully living, give yourself the best head start possible by losing weight and getting healthy in the first few months of the year. Seriously, if you can be down by 20 pounds before the end of January, the rest of your goals are going to fall into place so much easier. You will remind yourself that you are empowered, you are in control of your actions, you have the ability to say yes and no to things. Friends, you’re in charge. So set some goals! Make those resolutions!

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