Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux


Yeast Redux is our innovative Candida cleanse that helps combat yeast overgrowth, and it also can be used in conjunction with our weight loss supplement, Skinny Up!® Reduce.

Candida Overgrowth

When bacteria is killed off in the gut from poor diet or antibiotics, candida yeast overgrowth begins to spread. When candida overgrowth happens, the effects on the body are felt. Symptoms can include lethargy, bloating, digestive issues, and stronger sugar cravings.

Skinny Up!® now offers Yeast Redux, an innovative formula that works with your body’s natural processes and aids in proper digestion*. Maintaining proper bacterial levels is the key to this all-natural weight loss formula system.

A Positive Aid

Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux is unique in its mission — comprehensive treatment. This safe weight loss support supplement works in a threefold manner to effectively:

  • Stop the growth of candida yeast
  • Promote good bacteria growth in the gut by providing probiotics into the gut flora
  • Assist in healing the damage caused by candida overgrowth throughout the entire body

Made of all-natural ingredients, this form of weight loss support will work efficiently to restore your gut’s flora**. Resetting the bacterial balance is the key to restoring your health!

Feel the Difference

The benefits of Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux are plentiful. Not only can you feel more energetic and less bloated, you can also profit from the formula’s hunger-suppressant qualities*. Yes, fixing digestive issues will help with weight loss while also promoting overall well-being. Much of your quality of life is determined by your health. Don’t let candida yeast overgrowth control your life! Skinny Up!® is proud to offer a top-quality, all-natural weight loss supplement that can dramatically improve the quality of your life**. Order today to see the benefits!



Kill off Candida overgrowth while upping your energy with Skinny Up!®‘s high-powered Yeast Redux**. Designed to eliminate yeast overgrowth along with yeast symptoms such as bloating, exhaustion, and cravings to name a few!


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