The Scale is Actually Your Best Friend

Do you have anything in your life that you ignore, and by ignoring, hope that the problem or issue will just go away? And then after you ignore it for an extended period of time, rather than going away, the problem actually gets worse?? People do this with things like their retirement plan, the garden they don’t want to weed, the car whose “check engine” light came on last week, but I keep driving it anyway, hoping that the light will just go off and the car won’t actually quit working and leave me stranded on the side of the road… I talk to lots of people who have managed their health status, and quite often more specifically, their weight, in this fashion.  You’ve heard that old expression about turning a blind eye to the elephant in the living room?  (But you never intended for your own body to be the elephant!) Do you get nervous when you see your bathroom scale?  Or do you not even notice it anymore?  Maybe you tucked it away in the back of your bathroom closet, where you won’t stub your toe on it any more. Do you just keep eating too much of the wrong things, and telling yourself that you look pretty good, you feel pretty good, you probably weigh about the same as you did last year.  And then you finally get your nerve up, climb up on the scale and are appalled.  How did that happen?!  You knew you hated that scale!  You should have never looked at that!  It’s the scale’s fault. And yet you’ve known.  It’s been hard lately to climb the stairs.  It’s harder to get down on your knees and play with your grandson.  Your rode your horse last week and actually heard him groan as you plunked on his back. Here’s an irritating fact: The bathroom scale is a tool that thin people use their entire lives.  They do not attach emotion to the scale.  They do not procrastinate in using it.  It is not a big, scary, evil thing in the bathroom.  It’s just a tool to let them know where their weight is.  They look at it every morning, and then they take appropriate action. That day. They never let their weight get way out of whack, and the weight loss is never a huge daunting project. Folks following the Skinny Up!® protocol learn to love their bathroom scale.  Our weight loss drops bring them fantastic news every morning - “Lots more weight off!”  “Your self-discipline is paying off!”  “Those Skinny Up!® drops must be liquid gold!”  “You rock, Sister!”  (Seriously, we should market a talking scale.) And then after weight loss, the successful Skinny Up!® dieter wisely looks at his scale every day, using it as a simple tool to keep an accurate and intentional awareness of his weight.  If he needs to take action, he knows how and he does it that day.  Bam.  Done.  After the work of getting thin, staying thin doesn’t need to be hard.  Just intentional. You’re worth it. Skinny Up!® knows it. Learn more about our modern weight loss products here or contact us today!

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