Don’t Confuse Our Weight Loss Drops With hCG Products! Part 2

Americans hoping to shed unwanted fat and regain control of their lives will often face a tough time when it comes to finding a natural weight loss supplement that is as effective as it is safe. There are virtually millions of weight loss aids available online and over the counter, and it can be hard to determine which ones get the job done and which ones fail to produce. Skinny Up!® was created using FDA-approved ingredients to create a safe appetite suppressant that utilizes stored fat for energy. In the end, you feel great while losing weight! Our weight loss drops are an effective hCG alternative when it comes to sublingual fat utilization.* Today, we’ll continue to compare our weight loss support to hCG products to illuminate how much safer and more superior our drops are. When ready, be sure to try a bottle of our Reduce series today!

Product Similarities

There are a few ways in which our all-natural weight loss supplement is similar to hCG aids. When you line the two up, you can see that they both:
  • Come in drop form. Weight loss drops are an effective tool for setting the stage for weight loss. Delivery under the tongue allows for effective absorption, as ingestion will inevitably lead to destruction of the supplement by your stomach acid.
  • Utilize body fat. The success of both products is supposed to come from accessing stored fat as a source for energy conversion and consumption as opposed to a standard caloric diet. You’ll still be eating delicious foods, but in a restricted manner to allow your body to make use of more stored fat.
  • Expedited Results. This method of weight loss has gained popularity for the speed at which people see results. While everybody is different, the general result is the same.

Product Differences

The similarities are few and far between in comparison to the differences of our weight loss aids and hCG products. Consumers can benefit from knowing that our supplements differ in terms of:
  • Approval. While hCG drops are considered illegal for false claims and dangerous outcomes, our Skinny Up!® line excels in delivering safe ingredients. Each of our weight loss aids is doctor-approved and created in an FDA-certified lab. Skinny Up!® is now available without a prescription!
  • Safety. The overall safety of each product is vastly different. Your hCG weight loss drops may support fast weight loss, but without the nutrition and support needed for a healthy body. The process of burning fat can be very taxing on your organs, causing more stress while the body is going through an intensive process. Our all-natural weight loss supplement provides superior nutrition to organs in need, helping you to feel great while improving your health.**
  • Long-term results. One of the biggest reasons why the FDA has come out to fight hCG drops is because they are simply ineffective. The results of weight loss are directly from a restrictive diet, with low calories and no hunger suppressant qualities. Skinny Up!®, on the other hand, provides a safe appetite suppressant in that it directs the appetite to stored nutrition in the visceral fat cells, and our Maintain series promotes long-term weight loss satisfaction.*
When all's said and done, it should be simple to see that Skinny Up!® is the ideal hCG alternative, offering the support you seek without the risks and unproven results. Be sure to browse our shop to find the perfect products for you or let us know if you have questions!

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