Don’t Confuse Our Weight Loss Drops With hCG Products! Part 1

When people search online for the natural weight loss supplement that fits their lifestyle, chances are that they will look for a trusted source. If a product has made a lot of waves amongst weight loss aids, it must either be effective or hazardous. Inspecting what you put in your body is a smart practice that will help to eliminate a number of hazards and side effects later in life. Weight loss supplements should be produced without any dangerous ingredients to help you truly feel great while you lose weight. Skinny Up!® was crafted to be the ideal weight loss support to help you take control of your health, utilizing visceral fat as a source for energy so that you feel amazing while shedding those pounds. Our weight loss drops are made to be as safe as they are effective. Unfortunately, the myriad of misinformation online makes it hard for the discerning consumer to learn the full story behind the weight loss products that they are purchasing. Sublingual hCG drops, for example, are making waves as a polarizing fat-fighting supplement. Today, we’ll begin to look at the similarities of our hCG alternative, as well as how our product offers far better results without the risks. Be sure to learn more about our weight loss drops and candida cleanse before shopping our store!

Sublingual hCG Drops

As our previous blogature has stated, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone that is produced in the placenta during pregnancy to help with hormone regulation. While helpful for maintaining the corpus luteum, this hormone can also be utilized as a weight loss aid. One traditional delivery method includes injections, which must be delivered by a medical professional for an acceptable outcome. Sublingual drops have been developed to offer a delivery method for hCG consumers that negates the pain of a shot. Also known as homeopathic drops, sublingual hCG products are diluted with other ingredients to allow for delivery under the tongue. Unfortunately, the delivery method and procedures for our Skinny Up!® products are similar to hCG drops and therefore make it more difficult for buyers to know the difference.

Concerns from the Federal Drug Administration

It’s important first and foremost to note here that the FDA has issued letters to different companies marketing hCG to have them cease and desist, as this product makes unsupported claims that have been shown to be dangerous to consumers. The homeopathic nature of many weight loss supplements allow for freedom of interpretation. People are told that hCG will help them lose weight in an amazing fashion, and as people lose the weight, they assume that their investment is paying off. Unfortunately, the weight loss can be attributed to other factors. Taking hCG weight loss drops has been proven to be a hazardous mistake. To this day, though, consumers are still actively propagating its usage for shedding those unwanted pounds. Next time, we’ll compare a few key similarities and differences between the two products, as well as the advantage that Skinny Up!® has in delivering long-term results. Our modern, natural weight loss supplement is FDA lab and doctor-approved, providing the support to help you take control.* Contact us today with any questions or buy a bottle in our shop to feel the skinny difference today!

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