Water... You Really Need It.

Drinking water!? Do I HAVE to?

Well… What happens if you don’t periodically fill up the kiddie pool? The water evaporates, it is sucked down by thirsty critters, it leaks out… it disappears! In the same way, your body is using water for many of its activities, so if you want a functioning one- water it!

Adults consist of up to 60% water. Babies start out at about 75%.

Water is simple. What water does in the body is complex. Here’s why: Water cushions your organs Regulates body temperature Helps digestion Flushes toxins out of the body Hydrates the fascia and joints, which in turn keeps you more mobile Dissolves nutrients so the body can use them Provides padding for your brain and spinal cord Creates an environment for cells to grow and reproduce Keeps your nose, mouth and eyes moist- nobody likes dry eyes! Carries oxygen to your cells

Still thinking about that glass of water? According to H. H. Mitchell, in the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, our organs are composed of very specific water ratios: heart and brain 73%, skin 64%, bones contain water at 31%, lungs are the most at 83%, muscles and kidneys 79%.

So just how much water should we be drinking per day? You’ve probably heard 8 eight-ounce glasses. So interestingly, that may vary between men and women. In general, men have more lean muscle which, consequently, holds more water. And woman have more fatty tissue which holds less water. Thus, men’s physical make-up is about 60% water and women’s 55%.

According to the Mayo clinic, the Institute of Medicine has determined that an adequate intake of beverages for men is roughly 13 cups per day and for women 9 cups. Obviously, beverage choices with no/low sugar content are going to be less of a toxin overload on your system… such as refreshing water. So, the next time you wonder if water is seriously that big of a deal- remember you’re roughly 60% water and that water must replenish somehow!

Water is especially important during weight loss as you need to be keeping your body hydrated as you unlock toxicity that has been stored in fat cells for years. You see, your visceral fat cells are loaded with everything you've consumed in life, or since the last time you did a major detox. This includes foods you've eaten, soda you've consumed, medications you've taken, or stress you've experienced. In order to make sure that your body remains healthy, but is still able to get rid of that storage, your body needs... water!

Drink up!

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