Questions to Ask Yourself When Prepping for Skinny Up!®

Things to think through when deciding whether or not to do Skinny Up!®
  1. Do you have weight to lose? This is a pretty personal question. It depends on how you feel, your health, and what your goals are in life. We never get to look at another person and decide that they have weight to lose… we don’t know their whole story! And no one else knows your whole story. So you alone get to answer the question: do you have weight to lose?
  2. Do you want to lose weight? If you said yes to the above question, then comes the follow-up… do you want to lose it? Sometimes it is a health issue where your doctor is saying that you really need to lose weight, but most of the time it really is down to what you want. Do you want to lose the weight? Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goals?

Most of the time, there are health benefits to losing weight. When detoxification happens at the same time, then there are definitely health benefits. Inflammation goes down, immune system function goes up, increased energy… these are just a few of the many positive effects of detoxification.


Do you want it?

  1. Do you have a chunk of time you’re able to commit? Skinny Up!® takes time. Not much time (especially when compared to other protocols) but still, it does take some time. It is best to look at your schedule and decide on when is a good time for you to take the plunge. Things to consider would be:
    • -upcoming trips or vacations
    • -parties that you’ve committed to
    • -reunions
    • -holiday celebrations

Of course, there is rarely a time in life where there isn’t anything going on. You will likely have to practice some self-control in social situations (which is good practice for living a healthy and balanced life!). However, there are certainly better times than others.

  1. Are you emotionally ready for a change?

This is important. Sometimes change is needed in order to feel in control of your life again. Different situations arise and we can begin to feel like life is just passing us by, like we are just the size we are and have no control over the things we eat and drink. Are you sick of that being the narrative of your life?

Then it might be time. Skinny Up!® is fast and effective. It helps on the emotional side of things when you can see progress each day and feel the difference within not too long. To stick with something for a month to only see tiny improvements sometimes is too emotionally draining for some people.

We have worked with countless individuals who have tried and tried and tried different weight loss programs. It feels risky to try again. It feels a little foolish to think that maybe this will really work. It feels scary to invest money and effort. Again. Oh, my friend. We hear you. Skinny Up!® does work and for the rare few that it isn’t a good fit, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. So try it out and let us help you achieve your goals.

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