Game Plan for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Let's make a plan.

Protect your blindside –

Make a plan before you take action. Your results will thank you for it
 Go into the season of parties and feasting with a plan. Don’t walk in and let yourself eat anything and everything that you see. Instead, make a deal with yourself that you’re only going to each X number of treats or have X number of drinks. And then stick with it! Initiate the huddle – get your team in your corner by letting those closest to you in are your goals. You need your people! Weight loss and weight loss maintenance is night and day easier when you are supported by those who love you. They want you to be healthy, so let them be a part of the hard work and dedication that you’re putting into this season.

Get through training camp –

Give yourself the best start possible by going through the Skinny Up! Protocol. This is such a great way to establish what your ‘normals’ are while detoxifying your entire system. Use Skinny Up! Reduce while doing the Skinny Up! Protocol to lose weight quickly and establish great health. We’d recommend doing the Protocol before you get to the major holidays because it can be a little bit difficult to stick with it when big celebrations are happening.

Utilize your safety –

Head into enemy territory by cutting cravings at the source. Take control of the makeup of your gut with Skinny Up! Yeast Redux in order to cut cravings at the source. It’s like cheating in the weight loss game if you can get rid of the desire for sugar and starches.

Practice makes perfect –

 Remember that long term results are dependent on your lifestyle. So this holiday season, you need to ask yourself, “What are my habits? How often do I give myself ____?” We have to establish a routine that is life-giving… which includes the foods that we consume and the amounts in which we consume them. So, practice intermittent fasting. Practice saying no. Practice meal planning. Practice going to a party and snacking on meat and cheese rather than cookies and bars. Practice drinking lots of water.

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