8 Do's and Don'ts of Weight Loss

Disclaimer: This article has been reviewed and approved by Dr. Venekamp for accuracy with our determinations for a healthy weight loss diet.

There are opinions about weight loss everywhere. Almost every person you meet will tell you (with confidence!) exactly what you need to do in order to lose the weight that you’ve been struggling with for years. They have the best intentions, but do they really know what they’re talking about?

With years of experience in talking with thousands of customers while helping them reach their goals, we, at Skinny Up!®, can tell you with confidence a few things to do and a few to skip when it comes to successful weight loss and weight loss maintenance. Keep reading for the list of do's and don'ts when it comes to weight loss.

NOTE: This list isn’t in order of priority. It is solely a list of actionable tips to ensure a healthy weight loss plan.

 List of weight loss do's and don'ts

1. DO consume vitamins

Make sure you’re consuming supporting vitamins. Weight loss can be stressful on the body, so it needs all of the support it can get. Quality vitamins supply this such as vitamins B, D, calcium, and magnesium to name a few.

2. DON’T eat sugar substitutes

Sugar already isn’t great for you, but sugar substitutes can contain various substances that are unhealthy for consuming, including chemicals. This will not help you in the long run. Weight loss isn’t worth it if it makes you sick and full of toxic substances. Do it the right way with real food. If you really want to stay clear of unhealthy foods, go to your local farmer’s market for fresh foods that grew without chemicals and other unnatural processes.

3. DO drink LOTS of water

Water will help keep you flushing toxicity, feeling appropriately hungry, and will nourish all of your systems. Your body needs water and when extra stressful circumstances are present (like weight loss) water helps to keep it all feeling good and clean.

4. DON’T solely rely on exercising

You can’t rely on exercise alone to reach your goals. As the saying goes, “abs are made in the kitchen.” Instead, make exercising another focus of yours to keep a healthy metabolism and upkeep your bodily strength. Check out this video to learn more.

5. DO have consistency with your program

Stick with it! No matter what program you decide to go with, it will take self-discipline and perseverance. Don’t be upset when you follow a protocol for one day or even one week and you haven’t lost 10 pounds. That would be crazy! You will get there with time!

6. DON’T starve yourself

Starving yourself is a common mentality when it comes to weight loss. “As long as I don’t eat, I won’t gain weight!” is the thought process behind this illusion. When your body is in “starvation mode” your metabolism begins to slow down, which causes the body to sustain and preserve the body fat. At this point, your body is trying to survive. Food is useful because it contains nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to have a sustainable metabolism that’s thriving and can keep you from sickness and even depression. Instead, try an intermittent fasting approach to strategically time when you eat your meals. 

7. DO get the proper amount of sleep

Your body loses weight even while you sleep! Getting the proper amount of sleep your body needs is essential for any diet or health plan you’re pursuing. Roughly 7-9 hours of sleep is preferable. The best way to get the sleep you need on a regular basis is to set a time for when you need to be in bed and when you need to actually wake up.

8. DON’T waste time

When it comes to weight loss, you should be, you know… losing weight. So, if you’ve been doing something for a month and have lost only a pound, it might be time to try something else! Change up the weight loss game by updating your program to something that is realistic and not over-complicated. 

That is not a complete list of everything you should do to lose weight or not do, but it is a start. The main thing when it comes to weight loss is that you need to find a healthy and supportive system for you. We believe that Skinny Up!® is that solution for many people. It is simple, fast and healthy. You eat real food and are supported with weight loss drops that provide full support for your journey. You also receive specific, personalized coaching so that you are set up for success.

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