Comparing HCG & Skinny Up!®

  What is HCG? HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone that people naturally produce when pregnant or if they have cancer. HCG helps the body metabolize fat very effectively, and has been used as a part of weight loss regimens for some time. While HCG was in the original Skinny Up!® formula, only one year after production, formulators were able to find a homeopathic substitute and remove HCG altogether. When shopping around, you may be curious on how our product compares to one with the hormone HCG, so we’ve mapped out similarities and differences for you. How they are the same:
  • Similar protocol. Most of the time, whether it is an HCG product or Skinny Up!® you’ll find a very similar protocol consisting of a specific meal plan, vitamin supplementation, no required exercise, and rounds of three to six weeks depending on weight loss goals.
  • Similar meal plan. Based on Dr. Simmeons research in the 1930s HCG took the world by storm around 2010, 2011. We’ve found, in the last ten years of providing Skinny Up! to doctors and the public, this specific meal plan paired with our drops garner phenomenal results.
  • Similar results. Reduce does not have any HCG in it, but it does help a person achieve similar, if not better, weight loss results with awesome health benefits. Someone on the Skinny Up! Protocol can still expect to lose 8-10 pounds in 10 days, 15-20 pounds in 21 days and 30-40 pounds in 40 days.
How they are different:
  • All natural. Within the first year of production, formulators of Skinny Up!® were able to find a hormone free equivalent of HCG. what that means - it is able to do the same thing, without the need for the hormone in your body.
  • Sustainable. Skinny Up!® transitions you well enough out of the protocol into your lifestyle so you do not have to worry about gaining the weight back. We walk you through step by step so you now have an understanding of what your body needs specifically, and what to avoid. You no longer have to wonder how to keep off the weight as you have easily accessible tools to maintain control of your body weight.
  • Sublingual. As opposed to injections, you’re taking drops under the tongue. This increases the simplicity and ease when using the product. You don’t have to go somewhere to get injections - you can store the drops in your purse or handbag and take them throughout the day. Taking the product lasts only a few moments as you hold the drop underneath your tongue and let it absorb into your membrane. This gets into your system the quickest way possible and supports your body to de-stress and let go of the weight.
  • More affordable.  with research, you could find a range of pricing for the same type of product. With Skinny Up!®, you are not scheduling multiple doctor visits or paying for extra supplements. You will get everything you need at an affordable price, and find you’re only spending $20 - $30 on groceries per week. Visit our website and watch our homepage video to learn about how Skinny Up!® pans out for you financially. And then give us a call!
If you had success with HCG, you’ll have success with Skinny Up!® and you’ll be feeling much better. If you have questions about our product, don’t hesitate to set up a coaching session where one of our experts will outline the benefits and answer any of your curiosities. 

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