Past Diet Trends Versus Our Weight Loss Aids Part 2

pastdiet_pt2_blog_target_innerimageIn today’s society, many citizens are obsessed with finding the latest diet craze that will provide them with a lean body and positive self-image. Oftentimes, though, these fads turn out to be ineffective and even dangerous. If you’re seeking a natural weight loss supplement, you’ve come to the right place! Skinny Up!® is a proven weight loss aid that utilizes natural ingredients in order to target your visceral fat while also acting as a safe appetite suppressant. Our products are now available over the counter and ready to be shipped to your home. With a range of safe weight loss supplements, we can help you to naturally lose weight and keep it off!   Last week, we looked into a few fad diets that have taken hold in today’s landscape. Today, we’ll continue by investigating a couple more diet plans that may not produce the best results for you.  

Taking The Tapeworm

  Although seemingly gross, many people have resorted to swallowing tapeworm eggs in order to achieve that slim figure. For decades, dieters have tried this diet with the idea that they are in full control. A tapeworm resides in your stomach, eating nutrients and growing in size. Without proper nutrition, you’ll start to see the weight dissipate. Once people are happy with their weight, they’ll seek treatment to remove the parasite that has been residing in their innards for months. The risks and obvious issues with this plan place it on the “absolutely not” list. Plus, people who have been starved for nutrients for a long span of time will now resort to binge eating in order to feel better!  

pastdiet_pt2_blog_fruit_innerimageRaw Food Roundhouse

  On the surface, consuming more vegetables and fruits seems like a huge boost to your dietary intake. However, the raw food diet outlaws the cooking or processing of any food you ingest. The logic here is that nutrients are lost in the processing phase, which is true to some degree. However, the extra strain placed on your digestive system, along with our body’s inability to properly absorb the nutrients of tougher foods, makes this diet one to avoid. Moderating your intake with healthy fruits and vegetables is important, but don’t go overboard with it!  

No-Carb Corral

  Recent fad diets have revolved around the idea of ousting carbohydrates altogether. Atkins, for example, claims that its strategy will help to lose weight, keep it off, and promote the prevention of serious diseases. The results over time have not been so favorable. Your body needs carbs for a number of reasons, and negating the necessary amounts will cause your body to search elsewhere for energy. Yes, fat will be targeted, but so will your muscles. In more extreme cases, evidence has pointed to the brain being drained due to its inability to replenish and restore. In the place of carbs, fats are recommended. Low-carb dieters have been sent for medical attention due to a host of cholesterol and blood pressure woes. Worst of all, the suffering of denying that piece of pie may not pay off in the end. Studies were done that showed the long-term results of this diet plan. Oftentimes, obese dieters would lose weight initially but regain it after the first few months and more! We’d suggest sticking with a proven weight loss diet plan.   Skinny Up! uses the best ingredients and proven methods for aiding with all-natural weight loss. Our customers have reported losing their stubborn weight with ease, and our secondary product works to effectively keep the weight off. Now sold as an over-the-counter appetite suppressant, Skinny Up! provides all that you need to obtain that healthy weight you’ve been fighting for. If you’re curious about our natural weight loss supplement, feel free to contact us now!

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