Past Diet Trends Versus Our Weight Loss Aids Part 1

pastdiet_pt1_blog_veggies_innerimageOur modern society is obsessed with the quickest method for losing weight and looking great. However, many of these crash diets fail to provide the expected results and often cause unwanted damage to the dieter. Even if the weight is lost, there is rarely a system in place for keeping that weight off for good. Many times, people utilize unhealthy ingredients to achieve the results that are promised. Skinny Up!® is your go-to natural weight loss supplement for obtaining that weight goal without the need for dangerous fad diets. All-natural weight loss means that your body will receive the help it needs burning stubborn fat in a calm, natural way. Our doctor-approved product also works as a safe appetite suppressant, which kicks those cravings that often cause diets to fail. Today, we’ll look over a few diet trends that should be avoided. With SkinnyUp!, you can kiss these diet plans goodbye!  

Gluten Free Fiesta

  pastdiet_pt1_blog_tortilla_innerimageOne of the most prevalent and discussed diets of the last few years consists of kicking the gluten out of your diet. While more data has been gathered to show the downsides of gluten in your diet, cutting it out completely can actually do more harm. Evidence has surfaced that gluten-free foods make up for the lack of wheat and flour by adding in more sugars and starches. This increase in fatty components means that you may actually gain weight when going sans gluten! Unless you are diagnosed with Celiac by your doctor, we recommend avoiding this recent craze.  

Sleeping Beauty Backlash

  Proprietors of this dieting plan claim that Elvis Presley used it to keep his figure. If you ignore the final years and ultimate health of this music icon, the logic may make sense. The logic here is that sleep has been proven to help with craving control and weight loss. Plus, being unconscious for long periods of time can help to fight overeating, since you’re snoozing.Therefore, it’d be wise to sleep for days in order to avoid intake of excess calories.   While we could all enjoy some extra sleep here and there, the Sleeping Beauty Diet is not one to follow. The key ingredient to this plan is to take sedatives or sleeping pills in order to force excessive amounts of sleep. Best case scenario, you lose a few pounds during your slumber with the risk of becoming addicted to pills, losing muscle mass, starving the body, and possibly even dying in the process. Because of this, most sources have come out and sternly denounced this diet plan as excessively dangerous with little-to-no benefits. Rest up, but do it in moderation!  

PH Diet Playhouse

  A famous plan known as the alkaline diet has been at the center of debate for some health professionals for years. You need to lose weight, and science can help. The main idea is that certain unhealthy foods can cause your body to increase its acidity level, which can cause serious health issues. It is vital for the body to readjust by consuming a lot of alkaline-rich fruits, mostly consisting of vegetables. While your body’s pH level is important, it’s even more important to note that changing your diet will not override your body’s ability to control its acidity levels. Many people experience an initial weight loss, typically due to the healthier food selections. However, the strict dietary restrictions will leave you sufficiently supplied with other necessary vitamins and nutrients.   Dieting is an amiable pursuit that can often end with undesirable results. Why chase unproven fad diets when you can utilize a natural weight loss supplement that is proven to work? Skinny Up! Provides comprehensive weight loss support in order for you to obtain your health goals. Coupling this weight loss aid with a proper nutritional plan can help to target your stubborn body fat and also reduce cravings. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact us now!

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