Finally; How to Use Fat!

Picture this: you’re tired, cranky and in a brain fog. It’s been a long, long day at the office and comfort food sounds great, doesn't it? Have that comfort food! Really!

One condition: pick something that’s comforting to your brain! More than likely, you need some “brain food” and healthy fats are a great way to get some.  The University of Maryland Medical Center and others even suggest obtaining 20-30% of your calories from healthy fat sources.

Wait, doesn’t fat make you fat?

Nope. Refined ingredients make you fat. If your body can’t use it, it stores it. On the flip side, here are some things fats can actually do for you:
  1. Provide fuel to your body
  2. Help you absorb Vitamins/nutrients and antioxidants, which in turn aid in preventing things like heart disease, immune deficiencies, cancers…
  3. Omega 6 (fatty acids) are the building blocks of your skin cells (and everyone knows how often your skin is replenishing)
  4. Protect cells
  5. Omega 3s (also a fatty acid) are known for being a good anti-inflammatory
  Let’s get down to the question: So what are some great ways to grab healthy fats? Personally, I love going for avocados! Here are some other great fat options and how to use them: Coconut oil. (also anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial), use to cook eggs, stir fry and melt and replace cup for cup (or half the measurement if a strong one) in baking. I love making Peanut Butter cups out of this!pexels-photo-72225 Avocados or avocado oil. (this can be heated fairly high before denaturing) throw these in a salad, blend in your smoothie (love!), blend a creamy pudding with stevia, vanilla, almond milk and avocado. Nut butters like peanut, almond, cashew, macadamia… ( you can also buy some on-the-go peanut and almond butter single serving packets.) Seeds like pumpkin, sesame and sunflower are easy to use in breads, salads, stir fries and trail mix. Flaxseed is terrific sprinkled over some unsweetened yogurt with a bit of honey or stevia. Olive oil. Use for salad dressings, homemade mayonnaise…it’s better for you unheated. Fish. Higher in Omega 3s, cook your favorite fish dinner. I love to throw in curry, spinach, peas and coconut oil for a saucy and delicious main dish. Dark green veggies as in kale, spinach or brussels sprouts have some source of Omega 3 fats. Cook them up for dinner or throw kale and spinach in your morning smoothie. goat-1818552_1920Full fat/whole milk and raw cheeses. The fat in dairy products actually helps your body break down and use sugars properly. Try finding some that’s from pasture-grazed cattle and hormone free.  

Whatever you do, find a few that work for your lifestyle and keep them on hand. Remember, your brain has to have fat to function!

  -A. Wiggins

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