Have You Ever Taken Antibiotics? A Lesser-Known Side-Effect

Have you ever used antibiotics? If you’re alive today in 2016, then you more than likely have used antibiotics at some point. Most people don’t realize all of the symptoms that can occur because of some of the unintended consequences of antibiotics. Here are a few things that antibiotics do that you may or may not have known:
  1. The obvious: They kill bacteria that are harmful and causes you to be sick. How blessed are we that we get to live in a time period where we can go to a doctor who can give us a way to kill of harmful little bacteria that are trying to kill us? Wow.
  2. The semi-obvious: Antibiotics kill off bacteria that are good and helpful in our everyday lives. One example of a good bacteria in the body is acidophilus. This is thought to be helpful because it produces Vitamin K and lactase. It is used in probiotics to help with intestinal health and overall feeling good. Antibiotics do what their name says: kill bacteria. Both good and bad.
  3. The not so obvious: Since antibiotics lead to killing off bacteria, that leaves space for other things to grow. Most of the time it is worth it since you killed off whatever sickness what trying to grow, but that still can be problematic. Often what begins to grow, since good bacteria isn’t there to stop it, is Candida Yeast.
Antibiotics are awesome. They’ve enabled so many people to conquer infections and sickness, so we’re not at all saying that a person shouldn’t do a round of antibiotics if they need it. Antibiotics have changed the world and changed modern health. They rock. Did you know that 90% of your gut flora is supposed to be made up of good bacteria, while only 10% is supposed to be candida? When a person does a round of antibiotics, all of that good bacteria is wiped out and now, all of sudden, candida has nothing stopping it from taking over. That can flip the ratio, so now there be a gut flora made up of 90% candida yeast and only 10% of healthy bacteria. Probiotics are helpful in that they reintroduce good bacteria into the system. However, probiotics lack anything that would actually kill off the yeast. Yeast, once it is established and self-perpetuating, can actually begin to eat through the intestinal lining and become systemic… meaning the yeast can get into the blood stream and travel throughout your whole body wreaking havoc. To learn about the top 10 signs that you might have a systemic yeast infection and what to do about it, click here. It can seem a bit overwhelming, but take heart! There are ways to stop this overgrowth bump your ‘normal’ health up the next level. Often we don’t even know what we’re missing out on in life because we’re so used to having headaches all the time, eczema constantly on our arms, or we just think we’re naturally gassy. That isn’t necessarily true. There are ways to cure it and live a healthy life where those symptoms aren’t even thoughts on your radar. Why not take a chance at real health? It’s worth it. So are you.

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