The Difference Between Fat and Fatty Foods

Let’s clarify what fat means. Often, people hear the instructions that they should eat high amounts of fat during the Loading days of the Skinny Up!® Protocol but it seems they don’t quite understand what we mean. I hear the phrase “fatty foods” a lot when people are telling me what they’re eating. That can be both accurate or inaccurate depending on what the person means. Scientifically speaking, fatty acids are the building blocks for fats. Fat is a triglyceride, meaning it is made out of three molecules. Fats are often called fatty acids or lipids. There can be a common misconception during the Loading Phase when a person will hear that they need to consume high amounts of fat. The misconception comes when that translates info “foods that make you fat” or what many refer to as “fatty foods.” For example, we’ll hear of people who go out of their way to load up on potato chips, cake, and pesto pasta. They would be correct in that those foods will contribute to weight gain. However, there isn’t much fat, if any, in those foods. That’s the trouble with the word ‘fat’ in our culture. We don’t want to gain weight, increasing the fat in our bodies. But in order to get going in the process, we need to increase our fat intake so that our bodies will continue consuming fat at a high rate. There has been the belief in our culture that has only been debunked in the last few years… this idea that eating fat will make you fat. That simply is not the case. Our brains are made out of fat and operate best when running on fat. Foods that cause the body to become fat are not made out of fat. Instead, sugar and carbohydrates are typically the cause behind that weight gain. During the Loading Days of the Skinny Up!® Protocol, it is good to concentrate on consuming high amounts of fat. You can still consume some sugar or a few carbohydrates, sometimes thought of as fatty foods, but focus should be left on consuming high amounts of fat. Good examples of truly high fat foods are avocados, nuts, cream, butter, different types of cheeses… anything like that. The goal of the Loading Days is not that you would gain weight by eating junk, but rather that you would get your body into that high fat burning mode. This is done by consuming high fat foods, not so-called ‘fatty foods.’

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