Yeast Combat Training

Yeast overgrowth in our bodies is a usually more of a lifestyle issue than anything else.  Our habits are formed by what we eat at the beginning of our lives and then we begin to slowly pay the price from that point on. Take for instance the classic ‘instant oatmeal’.  If we take a look at that wonderful, ‘healthy’ breakfast, we see that it almost completely carbohydrate just because it’s oatmeal.  Follow that by adding the famous brown sugar and maple syrup and you’ve got a recipe for disaster before you know it. Or take for instance Cheerios or Corn Flakes.  These products are sold to us with the idea that first of all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and let us help you make it the easiest meal of the day as well.  Just simply pour into a bowl add milk and sugar and …presto!  You’ve got the breakfast of Champions. If we take a slightly closer look at the make-up of these products either separately or together, we’ll immediately see that it’s all just pure carbohydrate in the form of sugar, lactose and iteration of wheat or corn chemicals.  Whole wheat actually has a glycemic index (how fast a food turns into sugar) that is faster than sugar.  This is an example of a breakfast that has already given you more carbohydrates in one meal then you need in an entire day or two.


Sugar causes the gut to become a breeding grounds for yeast or candida albicans.  This virulent form of a fungus begins to wreak havoc in the intestines causing symptoms such as bloating, stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog, skin patches or unusual fatigue.  More fungus means more demand for more sugar and a cycle begins that is almost inescapable.  These fungi begin to displace the good bacteria in the gut/intestines.

Candida Overgrowth

Candida yeast overgrowth can actually begin to grow roots or tentacles that can bore through the intestinal walls and create a condition known as ‘Leaky Gut’.  Candida then starts to look like those scary ‘Sentinels’ in the blockbuster movie, The Matrix.  They roamed around the sewers looking for the Neo and the rest of the humans.  Once found, they’d bore through the metal side of the ship and collapse it quickly.

Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut is like that.  Leaky Gut is the name of a syndrome where the ‘sentinel’ (yeast) is basically boring small holes that are pin-prick sized perforations in the intestinal wall.  These perforations allow foods that are normally passing through the intestines to stop and slowly leak through. It gets outside of the intestines and actually goes through into an area that isn’t supposed to have any food exposure at all.  This is where allergic issues begin to happen and the body quickly becomes distressed and the symptoms mentioned above begin to take hold and proceed quickly. We, at Skinny Up!® are dedicated to the idea of ‘Cravings Combat’.   We begin to control yeast by getting control of our diet through reducing the intake of sugars.  With the addition our groundbreaking product, Skinny Up! ® Yeast Redux, the work is made much easier. The job of controlling cravings is finally a possibility. When we no longer feel out of control when faced with sweet temptations, we gain our health and confidence back.  Once we’re able to decide what and where we partake in sugary foods and have the ability to control and say no if needed, the battle becomes better and more manageable.  Once the yeast is under control again, the sugar becomes just another food, not a threat or fear. We are here waiting to help you in your first step in successful body imaging…controlling the cravings!

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