Mom & I Skinnying Up! Together

 7 Reasons Why it’s Best to do this Together: Weight loss can be scary. It’s new. It’s different. It’s even counter-cultural at times. While many of us find the strength to jump into this alone, what a gift to know someone with whom we can transition into better health. I had mentioned to mom I wanted to try the Skinny Up! Protocol and at the time didn’t intend to bring her along, though when I opened my calendar, and had the opportunity to visit home last minute, I texted, “I’m starting next week. You ready to jump in with me??” The idea of beginning pretty immediately scared mom, though she admitted walking through this simultaneously could be “fun” And it has been. Exceedingly more fun than anticipated and while reflecting on why this felt so special, I pinpointed seven reasons.
  1. Planning Together:
In deciding our plan of action, it was clear I’d be able to get mom her drops over the weekend and because it was a holiday, we’d be able to kick off the loading days with guacamole guilt free, not worrying about pressure from the family about what we’re eating, or why we aren’t eating the same way they are. When I arrived, we made time to review the protocol guide booklet together, and this spurred discussion around meal ideas for the next few weeks. Mapping out our days and the prospect of what this will look like, how we’ll feel, what results we may experience stirred up curiosity and excitement. And we certainly did not intend on calling or texting daily, however, once you begin seeing results so immediately it’s difficult to stay quiet. “Making myself eat now,” was one of the texts I’ve received around Day 3 of the protocol. She was surprised and relieved at how satisfied she felt. To the point of needing to remind herself to eat!
  1. A Shared Burden:
And the plateau conversations came as well. Around days 11, 12, 13 texts sometimes read, “bummed, lost zippo,” and, “argh! Found that pound I lost yesterday.” What can feel momentarily discouraging is neutral when divided. Yes, mom was bummed, and we also had the opportunity to discuss how perfect our results are, as around day ten and beyond, we are expected to plateau - in fact, it’s a sign it’s working! Having someone to talk through the literal ups and downs was comforting. We could reassure each other weight loss is not linear and we are taking the right steps - this is about the bigger picture and overall weight loss over the duration of the protocol.
  1. Multiplied Excitement:  
Of course these plateau conversations were followed quickly with, “broke through!” Even though we were simply following instructions and allowing our body to “do the work,” we were invigorated with each seemingly small victory: the breaking of a plateau, another pound of weight loss, feeling younger, more clarity, more alive - daily. Recounting these victories multiplied the excitement. I was overjoyed because mom was overjoyed because I was overjoyed. Can you feel the momentum? Which leads me to the fourth benefit:
  1. The Acceleration of Progress:
We’re excited about the positive improvements we are noticing, and by focusing on the positive we see more of the positive, leaving little to no room for stress. So while we’re fully at peace with the process, the eb and flow of weight loss, we’re less likely to white-knuckle the journey. And you know what happens when we’re no longer holding onto control and stress and fear so tightly?   The weight drops off too.
  1. Accountability:
Of course we will not want to follow the protocol one hundred percent, 100% of the time. And not because it’s difficult. The protocol in itself is simple to follow. What we battle, and I would guess others’ may as well, are the unhealthy eating habits we’ve developed over time as well as the chemical effect of sugar on our bodies (craving more and more - fortunately Yeast Redux kills off the candida overgrowth, the source of these cravings). Regardless, we often react out of these actual groove patterns in our brains, called habits. So when I naturally want to grab something processed, I can text or call mom, and when I talk to her this tends to name and neutralize the feeling. For example, I have a habit of snacking when I’m working hard on a project. And? And I notice this pattern, and I have the choice to not act on it, rendering the habit powerless and the ability to move forward easy, especially with accountability.
  1. The Joy of Celebrating Together:
Can I speak to how fulfilling it is to see a loved one succeed? Seeing mom break past barriers that have been up for decades is life giving. Next week, she’ll be in town visiting. Knowing we’re currently following a similar meal plan is exciting and we’ve already discussed shopping for our food and cooking together while she’s here. I know we’ll be celebrating - in hikes, in time outdoors, in sharing the joy of how incredible we feel and knowing we have full control of the feeling.
  1. Empowering One Another:
Going forward, we know we can do this. We each did; and we did, together. It’s strengthened our relationship, our desire and ability to take on tasks and ask ourselves - what’s next? By celebrating mom and all I’ve watched her accomplish first-hand, she knows I’ll be rooting for her in all areas of life as she continues to set an expectation and exceed it. And given she’s my mom, I’ve known she’ll always be cheering me on - even still, this was a gift to accomplish something so new and groundbreaking together. She’s been the perfect Skinny Up! Protocol partner. Who’s yours??

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