Cheating is Not Worth It

Cheat days during the Reduce Phase of the Skinny Up!® Protocol are not worth it. I’ve been there before myself, doing the protocol: Things are going well… and then I went to the dentist. Most people would agree that having to go to the dentist and getting your teeth scraped with sharp metal objects is the worst. And for me, the combination of practicing self-discipline within the Skinny Up!® Protocol and then going to my least-favorite place in the world was a recipe for a cheat day. I came back to work and announced that I’m taking the evening off from this diet and, “I will be treating myself to McDonald’s!” Nice, right? Not only am I going to cheat, but I’m going to do so at McDonald’s… great choice. My teammate told me that she understood the emotion of going to the dentist and wanting something comforting afterward, but to think carefully about abandoning progress for the next few days for those delicious french fries. That really is what happens. When we take a day off or even a whole weekend, we are setting ourselves up to not only miss out on the weight loss that we could achieve on the day the we cheat, but also on the few days after. It’s called ketosis. That fat-burning mode that our bodies get into where they consume stored nutrition from fat cells, and it takes about two days to get into ketosis while it only takes what seems like a moment to get out. So, when we take a cheat day, we really are probably gaining a little weight that day. Even if we hop back into the protocol the very next day and adhere very strictly, it is likely that it will be at least one more, if not two, days until we begin to see the scale move again. As you’re up against the temptation to take a night off, ask yourself if it’s worth it. Remind yourself that you’re really only a few weeks or days away from being able to add fats, oils, and a ton of variety back into the protocol with the Retrain Phase. You are so close! Our natural weight loss supplements rely on all-natural and modern ingredients to deliver the best outcome for your weight loss diet plan.* If you find yourself in a situation where it feels like you simply can’t get out of straying from the diet a bit, then follow these tips:
  • Try to stick to the protocol as closely as you can. For instance, if you are out to dinner with colleagues, get a steak with asparagus or perhaps some grilled chicken on a salad. It won’t seem weird and will keep you pretty close.
  • Do not drink! Alcohol itself is typically processed as sugar in the body, so stay away from it, especially mixed drinks that have straight-up sugar in there. If you must, must, must drink, I’d recommend a nice white wine.
  • Keep taking Skinny Up!® Reduce. You’re going to want that transition back into weight loss to be as effortless as possible, and staying on the product will help.
  • If you are at a party and feeling weird because everyone is snacking while you aren’t, stick next to the meat and cheese tray rather than the cookie tray. Cheating with fats is a much better option than cheating with sugar.
Finally, when it happens, give yourself grace as you get back into the weight-loss mode of life. Life happens. In the words of the Man from Snowy River, “What's the first thing you do when a horse bucks you off? You don't let him beat you, you get straight back on.” Hop back into that protocol and you’ll do fine! If you're interested in learning more about our doctor-approved weight loss drops, be sure to contact us today!

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