Why Do We Load?

In the Skinny Up!® protocol, we always precede the Reduce Phase with the infamous two-day Loading Phase. Some people who are new to the Skinny Up® protocol have serious doubts when they hear about the Loading Phase. To them, it seems like it is just plainly leading them the wrong way. They say, “I want to lose weight! Why would I eat high-fat foods for two days? That’s crazy.” They want to skip the Loading Phase and head right into the Reduce Phase. But that would be a mistake! The Loading Phase is essential to a successful launch of the Reduce Phase while using our modern weight loss products. During the two days of the Loading Phase of the Skinny Up!® protocol, the dieter is instructed to be intentional about eating high-fat foods. No specific calorie count is suggested, but rather, the dieter is going to eat when hungry, not going out of the way to stuff himself or herself. Whenever the dieter eats, he or she will be sure to have the meal or snack be higher in grams of fat than in grams of carbohydrates or even protein. Sample foods pursued and enjoyed during these two Loading Phase days might include avocados or guacamole, artichoke dip or other queso/cheese dips, nuts, or high-fat meats cooked in butter or olive oil and then smothered with cheese sauce. Vegetables are great, but cook them in butter and include chopped nuts and cheese. Carbohydrates are allowed in these two days, but really just as a useful tool to get more fat in; i.e. use a little chip to scoop up lots of cheese dip or a small apple slice to scoop up lots of peanut butter. The bun on that big double cheeseburger is just fine. Add cream to your coffee. During these two Skinny Up!® Loading Phase days, the dieter has begun taking Skinny Up!® weight loss products. He or she will be taking Skinny Up!® Reduce three times per day and Skinny Up! ® Yeast Redux two times per day. The combination of these products and this eating style for two days is going to place this person in an intense fat-burning mode. At the end of these two days, this person is in ketosis, and his or her body is burning fat at a very high rate. After these two days, he or she will begin the Reduce Phase of the Skinny Up! ® protocol. He/she will continue to take Skinny Up!® Reduce three times per day, and Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux two times per day. He or she will eat only as instructed in the Skinny Up! ® protocol guide, for the Reduce Phase strictly reduces the number of calories entering the body through the mouth. But! Remember that the dieter just placed his or her body in a high-fat rapid burning mode during the last two days in the Loading Phase. The body will stay in this fat-burning mode as the dieter efficiently switches the source of fat from the food consumed during the Loading Phase to the stored nutrition in the visceral fat during the Reduce Phase. He or she will continue to burn high amounts of fat — from their own body! Because he has the products in his system and is in ketosis, he’ll be able to make this transition from consuming fat through the mouth to consuming his own fat easily and without getting hungry. He or she will also begin losing weight immediately. Most people lose at least one pound on the first day of the Reduce Phase. Many people lose two or more; it is fast. Have that scale ready and use it. You want to enjoy seeing every pound drop off the end of the scale and never come back again. Another task I encourage folks to do during the Loading Phase has to do with the emotional aspect of eating. Many of us have that “go-to” meal that represents comfort to us: “I eat this perfect steak burrito when I’m really happy, or when I’m really sad. Or when I have a little time.  Or when…heck, I just eat this thing whenever I can….” So, knowing this, as I am about to embark on 21 or 38 days of the Reduce phase, followed by the 21 days of the Retrain Phase, a great idea might be to have a dinner date with my favorite steak burrito (or whatever your favorite “go-to” food friend is) during the Loading Days. Perhaps even talk to that burrito. “You know I love you, steak burrito. But I am going to be gone for a month or so. When I get back you may not recognize me because I’ll be looking so fit and fine. In fact, I may only get a half-order of you, because my stomach will be so much smaller. But never-the-less, we are not saying goodbye forever, just goodbye for a little while. You’ve been a good, good friend….” Ha! Seems silly, but I think it is helpful to count the cost. It will help your resolve. You are doing this thing. You are going to lose the weight and change your lifestyle as a result.  You’ll be healthier and wiser.  You’ll come out on the other side of this weight loss journey with a new energy and vitality and start to look at all things differently. You can resolve to do something and follow through. You own your body and your health. I’m getting excited on your behalf!! It all starts with the Loading Phase. Have your purchase your Skinny Up!® package? Go to www.SkinnyUp.com to get your weight loss products today. Then, be sure to head over to the grocery store to stock up on some fat. Here we go! Skinny Up!® is proud to provide weight loss aids and candida cleanse products that are all-natural and doctor-approved. Contact us today to learn more!

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