Beyond Stressed Out

“Stressed out” has been stickered and handed out as a badge of honor in today’s world. Stressed implies business, and business means productivity, which equals your worth, right?  Our healthy and natural weight loss supplement is here to deliver effective solutions for dieters everywhere, and our doctor-approved weight loss drops are designed to provide complete health during your transformation. We know all about stress and its prevalence in society.  Despite the stigma, here is a deeper look at what stress is really doing to us underneath the surface.


Your brain and gut are the best of buddies. They work together so well that when you affect one, you will most certainly affect the other. This is often observed in getting that "pit in your stomach" feeling from something you merely think about. A 2011 study reveals that feeding the gut good bacteria may affect mood and behavior.

Good Stress

There is a place for stress; it’s called cortisol (fight, flight, and freeze). Of course, you thought cortisol was bad. It can prove disruptive when allowed to run rampant in your body. But when you need to bolt out of a dark alley, it is necessary. In short spurts, cortisol decreases inflammation so that your joints are mobile enough to move quickly. However, it’s no good as an everyday acquaintance.

Stress Out of Hand

When under constant stress, our immune system plummets and we are at higher risk for infection, disease, inflammation and illnesses, even leaky gut syndrome. This may happen when long-term stressors allow cortisol to increase and become desensitized in the body. Inflammation is no longer kept in check, and lymphocytes (immune-fighting cells) become suppressed.


In a perfect world, your immune system would be in “rest and digest” mode much more often than “fight, flight, and freeze.” 70-80 percent of your immune-fighting cells live in the gut. This is why gut health is so often talked about and advocated. Our Yeast Redux line, for example, works as an effective candida cleanse to support optimal bacteria balances within the digestive tract.

What to do for Health

You’ve heard “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” True! It’s also pretty inexpensive. Laughing reduces stress hormones and boosts your immune system by activating T-cells. Laughter helps your heart; for those who can’t do much physical activity, laughing burns about as many calories as a slow to moderate stroll. Doctors also note those who have a more positive outlook on life are better able to fight disease. With all of these benefits, finding yourself some laughter medicine may help reduce stress. Give it a try. Smile and see if someone doesn’t at least smile back. Skinny Up!® is proud to provide all-natural weight loss aids that are approved by doctors and created in an FDA-certified lab. Contact us today to learn about our proven products!

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