5 Tips For Reducing Stress

While it may be exciting to think of the upcoming holidays, in many cases the holiday season is associated with stress and headaches. Because we are emotional beings our stress can affect our overall health and prevent weight loss. Here at Skinny Up!® we are pro weight loss, stress relief, and optimal life quality.  

With this in mind, let’s all go into the week prepared. Here are five stress relief tips you can begin working into your life today:


1. Implement an AM and PM Routine

I love the book, The Compound Effect. In it, Darren Hardy talks about how valuable it is to bookmark your day with an AM and PM routine. This ensures, no matter the crazy or the chaos of your day, you at least have the constant of a routine when you wake up and before you go to bed. Some relaxing ideas for your morning routine (or as some like to call it, morning ritual) can include: silence, prayer, meditation, movement, reading, writing. At night, you may want to focus on putting yourself to bed like you would a child - with a warm shower or bath, putting away electronics, light reading and stretching. For further ideas, check out Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning and Arianna Huffington’s book Sleep Revolution.

2. Take Breaks

I have a friend who began implementing a 40-minute work period with a 10-minute break following each 40-minutes. Recently, we were coworking and I was surprised when the timer went off so quickly. It’s easy to become wrapped up in what we need to accomplish, we forget to take breaks and quickly burn out. What to do? Set a timer on your phone and build in breaks. Want an additional stress relief challenge? Make them dance breaks!

3. Do Yoga, Exercise, Breathing, Meditation

Movement releases stored energy in the body which relieves stress. Yoga and breathing techniques are excellent ways of calming the body and brain without the stress of intense exercise. You’ll also experience a flow of endorphins, feel-good hormones, leaving you peaceful and serene.

4. Writing and Gratitude

Writing out what’s stressful is a form of releasing it from our minds. It can be therapeutic to allow our brain to free-flow onto paper completely without edit. This could be a chance to uncover a few causes of stress and therefore let go of them. As a bonus, write out what you are grateful for! Your brain will gravitate to the positive, which produces more of the stress combatting hormones; another feel-good formula.

5. Eat Well and Skinny Up!®

Sugar and starch leave us feeling sluggish and foggy. Eating simple, whole foods keep our brain and body functioning optimally, without the drag of foreign chemicals and faux food. Changing your diet will actually reduce stress. Even further, try the Skinny Up!® Protocol for mental clarity, increased energy, detox, and to lose the unwanted and unnecessary stress and weight before the holidays. Check out this article on why people feel so wonderful on Reduce.   So, what are you already implementing into your schedule? If all five are new activities to you, my suggestion is adding one activity in at a time. This will allow the least stressful transition into these new peaceful practices. Have your own stress relief tips? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us by phone 970-449-6959 or by email: info@skinnyup.com to share.

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