Staying Slim Through the Holiday Season

Can you believe that in it’s already the holiday season? It’s that time of the year when it seems everything smells like cinnamon, the radio is already saturated with holiday music, and there seems to be a get-together every weekend. This can be a tough season to navigate, especially if you’ve just put in the hard work to lose weight this fall. Have no fear! There are tactics to help you get through this season still a weight loss champ.

Lose a little weight before the season

This is a method that my great-grandma used every year in about mid-November. She would work hard to lose 5-7 pounds so that she could enjoy herself over the holiday season without then having to work it off afterwards. It might seem a like it would be the same as just losing the weight after you get through the holidays, but I’m telling you… there is something significant knowing that you’re proactively keeping yourself healthy and at a great weight. Just one bottle and a week and a half of the Skinny Up! protocol will enable you to shed a few pounds before heading into the holiday season which can make a big difference as you head into the new year.

Create some doable limits

Even when you’re not walking into a season full of parties and reunions, it is a good idea to have some limits on what you’ll let yourself eat and drink. Some examples would be perhaps drinking alcohol only once per week, or setting a limit on the number of treats you’re going to eat at the party this weekend. Maybe you’ve decided that at the tail-gate for the big game, you’ll stick with the veggie tray instead of the bag of chips. Whatever events you choose to attend over this coming season, let your attendance go hand in hand with life giving limits.

Preemptively lessen stress

Stress and weight gain due to overeating or poor eating often go hand in hand. Ever been to a gathering of in-laws and hang out near the box of wine the entire night? That’s right… the box of wine. Let’s be honest here. Sometimes life, particularly around the holidays can be extra stressful. We put expectations on ourselves that are unrealistic. So how can this be dealt with? There are a few tactics to lessen a few of these stressors that tend to arise.
  1. Set time limits. Establish with your spouse or within yourself how long you’re going to stay somewhere and then stick with it.
  2. Allow yourself time to rest and veg. If relatives are coming to stay for a few days and you know that it can tend to be a little stressful, strategically plan a day or two after they leave to relax. Plan things that are life-giving and write them in the calendar.
  3. Set spending limits. Think through a realistic budget for all of the gifting you’re going to do and then stick to it! Remember, it’s not a competition, you don’t have to prove anything. Gifts are just that: gifts. It’d be a different story if they were called obligations, but they’re not. No need to stress out over such a joyous thing.
Take some time to think through what will help you during the upcoming weeks. No need to stress. No matter if you’re the person who wants to take charge ahead of time, or wait until you’re through the thick of the holiday season, Skinny Up!® is here to help. Our products are designed to alleviate stress on the body when it comes to weight loss in order to get you to new levels of energy and vitality. If you have just done the hard work of losing weight with the Skinny Up!® protocol, then continue on in honoring the effort you’ve put into this. Don’t go off the deep end into old habits and destructive patterns. Hold firm to the new habits and normal life that you’ve created for yourself. You are so worth it. Don’t forget.

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