Tips for 'Skinny' Travelling

Travelling over the holidays? Nervous about heading the wrong way on the scale after you’ve worked hard to get the weight off this fall?

We’re here for you, friend.

If you’ve just put in a solid few weeks or months of getting to your body’s ideal weight and are feeling nervous about heading out on vacation, well, here are a few tips for you:
  1. Plan ahead with snacks – Bring your own snacks on the plane or in the car. If you’re in the midst of the Reduce Phase, have chopped up apples or celery sticks with you so that when those travel munchies hit, you’re prepared. You can also bring your own drinks. Bring a sparkling water with you or brew some iced tea to take along. If you’re past the Reduce Phase, have meat and cheese slices with you. You could also snack on nuts or celery with peanut butter. Take the time to do some prep work and the actual travelling bit will be much easier.
  2. Give yourself a “3-bite” limit – Vacations should definitely be enjoyed, but overindulging is where we sometimes fall off the wagon. Let yourself try all of the different treats, but set a limit of 3 bites for your treats. This will help to not stuff yourself full of treats for the entire trip.
  3. Give yourself permission to not finish your plate – Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, especially during a vacation. Don’t feel pressure to finish your entire meal at one sitting. Take the leftovers with you! Most hotels or AirBnb’s have microwaves and refrigerators, so don’t be afraid to save your second half for later.
  4. Stay on Skinny Up!® MaintainMaintain is designed to keep your appetite in check and keep you on track in everyday life. With this combination of supportive amino acids and vitamins, your body is much less likely to try and head back to your old weight and old habits. Taking Maintain each day also helps to keep you in the habit of actively being on top of your weight.
  5. Try to choose around 75% healthy options – This means that instead of having pasta with a coke at every meal, make wise choices most of the time. You can still have good food, but make sure to choose some protein and veggies for at least 2 of your 3 meals in a day. Especially if you go all out with breakfast, having French toast and coffee only… try to have some salad with lunch or steak with veggies for dinner. This will help to keep your body feeling stress free.
  6. Plan ahead with Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux – If you know you’re going to be faced with situations on your upcoming trip that would normally tempt you to eat and drink beyond simply having a treat, then Yeast Redux might be a great solution for you. By taking control ahead of time and conquering sugar cravings, travelling will be much easier. Think of going on vacation without wanting ice cream from every vendor you see… how much easier would that be?
Travelling is awesome. Maintaining and honoring the hard work that you’ve done in the past is also awesome. So help yourself stay on track by utilizing a few of these simple tactics.

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