Your New Best Friend (at least when it comes to weight-loss)

Do you detest the scale? Yes, I’m talking about that device in the back corner of your bathroom closet that you have not pulled out in three years. If you are starting to sweat just thinking about it, you are not alone. The average person sees the scale in their home as Enemy #1. However, when used in conjunction with weight loss and weight maintenance, the scale can become your Best Friend! Using a scale as a part of your daily regimen is like cheating, in regard to weight maintenance. This is a “best kept secret” used by folks who live their lives on the lean side. That’s right. All those irritatingly thin people out there typically check in with their scale on a daily basis. They know the weight they want to maintain. They get on that scale every day, with their maintenance weight in mind. If they see the scale moving too far to the right by a certain amount, they live differently that day or for a few days. They may have a standard protocol that they use to drop two pounds. Perhaps it’s zero starches and sugars, with increased daily protein, until the pounds are off. They probably know their “danger foods” well; those foods that cause them to gain weight quickly. They won’t allow themselves any food item from that list until they are safely back in their maintenance weight zone. Fit Guy Running on Beach And you thought those folks who enjoy “life-long lean” were just born with that metabolism we all want. It is true that some people have naturally higher-burning metabolisms, but typically at some point in their lives, they have to become more pro-active about weight maintenance. The metabolism of youth is just that. Most people hit an age where their metabolism is just running at a lower RPM than that of their youth. Those who are successful at keeping a trim, lean body shape into the mature years of their lives are most often people who have discovered a keen friendship with their scale. When you are in the active process of losing weight, and losing weight quickly on a daily basis with Skinny Up!, you will bound out of bed every morning excited to go see your New Best Friend: your digital scale. This friend gives you great news every single morning. This friend will inspire you to stay on task with the protocol. This friend is trying to figure out if it’s really you – the same person who started out eight pounds heavier only a week or so ago. You will develop your new friendship with your scale while you lose the weight. And then you will maintain the friendship as you live out your own “life-long lean.” So pull that scale out from the back of the bathroom closet. Put it out there in the daylight. Begin a new Life-long Friendship… New body for you. New Best Friend for you . That’s what it’s all about. And You, Friend, are Worth It.

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