Sleep… The Missing Component of Long-Term Weight Control

We’re sleeping less, lately. Well… it makes sense, doesn’t it? There is obviously a lot on our minds in this day and age as we battle the fear in the midst of a pandemic.

Sleep is incredibly regenerative. To not get enough sleep is to increase your chances of gaining weight for a multitude of reasons:

  • An increased appetite
  • The inability to make good food choices
  • Eating late at night
  • Your metabolism becomes sluggish; unable to burn calories while you sleep
  • Becoming uninterested in doing anything during the day
  • Hormones that help you figure out if you’re full or not and when to burn fat for energy become messed up

How Stress Affects Our Sleep

The average weight gain so far during this pandemic has been about 5 lbs.

Stress is already at a stratospheric level and eating is one of the most common ways to cope. Tragically, stress becomes multiplied by not getting restful and recuperative sleep, compounding the effects of the stress.

You see, sleep is when we re-make our bodies and when it does its housekeeping. Our bodies actually heat up slightly during the night to clean out the pipes and increase metabolism. This is when the body actually loses its weight and re-energizes itself. That’s how important sleep is.

So, when we are stressed, we don’t sleep as well which messes up our ability to control ourselves and our appetites. We munch on foods that are often simple carbohydrates. They comfort us. They smooth our thoughts with each bite. They dull our brains. They allow us to eat in a way that we wouldn’t normally even think about eating.

We go back to the pantry to see what else might be there for even more pseudo-comfort foods. And the number on the scale keeps creeping up.

When Sleep Is the Problem

Our metabolism is usually the sacrifice when we go to bed late. We sacrifice our ability to burn off the crud and clean up the mess from the day’s activities. In short, we begin the acceleration of aging when we should be preserving the body through rest and decreasing stress through our food choices.

When the cycle of sleep is tilted, it begins its own cycle of deprivation. The next day isn’t as good as it could have been. Decisions are more poorly made in regards to the healthy activities that would add to our life’s balance.

Instead, it tragically adds to our life’s imbalances. We don’t work out. We need a nap. We are exhausted and have less concentration for our work, our loved ones, and ourselves. We become duller.

Finally, the hormonal effects of not sleeping well cause an ever-increasing imbalance that causes us to not realize that we are full or that it’s even time to begin burning fat as energy. We keep eating and eating.

Two of the affected hormones are called Leptin and Ghrelin. They tell us when we’re full and when we should use fat for energy. Once these hormones are messed up, we eat till we are past full. This causes us to consume carbs instead of fat as an energy source. The body then begins working against itself, making even poorer decisions.

Poor sleep causes poor metabolism and poor fat-burning capabilities.

Poor sleep causes us to gain weight instead of losing it at night.

Poor or reduced sleep causes poor decisions to be made about foods that are healthy for us and those that are easy to get and usually unhealthy for us causing weight gain and muscle loss due to poor metabolism.

So what’s the answer?

Skinny Up!® uses proprietary blends to help with:

  • Calming the nervous system
  • Improving thyroid, adrenal, liver, and renal function
  • And improving the metabolism through the use of amino acids

Skinny Up!® Daily is a product that helps promote sleep. We have created a powerful blend using powerful herbs: ashwagandha, berberine, inositol, and GABA. These powerful blends help promote a deep sleep that is regenerative, anti-aging, and powerful for weight loss.

Begin the regenerative process anew. We constantly hear from our clients that they sleep better than they have in years and the reason is clear. Our protocol, our products, and our coaching create a pleasing method to today’s madness.

Give us a call or email us as you check out what makes Skinny Up!® so different and a leader in natural weight loss through proper eating, resting, and thinking. Teaching people how to live the good life and take back your power over food addiction and stress.

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