5 Ways to Lose Weight This Summer

Summer weight loss is just like weight loss at any other time of the year… except it’s during the summer. But it feels like a different animal because we typically wear less clothing. So we notice that excess weight a little more.

It is true that sustainable weight loss and weight loss maintenance requires a lifestyle change. It requires addressing sugar addictions, habits, and candida yeast overgrowth. It takes emotional and mental health into consideration. 

Sustainable weight loss maintenance is all about whole-being health. 

Often, the first step in this journey is getting the weight off and taking control of your story, physically.

To help in this piece of the puzzle, here are five ways to lose weight (quickly for this summer).

1. Cut out sugar

This is possibly the simplest way to cause the body to lose weight. You see, the body derives its energy either from sugar or fat. Nearly everything that you consume is broken down into a form of sugar or fat. Getting rid of sugar intake forces your body to more quickly consume fat.

2. Cut out carbohydrates

It’s pretty difficult to cut out all carbohydrates, and you probably shouldn’t completely. Things like vegetables have a certain amount of carbohydrates in them known as complex carbs. These are carbs filled with healthy nutrients that our bodies need.

But simple carbohydrates can be cut out to lose weight quickly. Things like white bread, cereal, or pasta all provide quick energy for the body, but not much when it comes to nutrition. By eliminating all simple carbohydrates from the body, you allow your body to concentrate on consuming stored fat.

3. Eat clean

Toxicity is one of the major components that slows down weight loss. The liver is one of the main organs that has the job of breaking down everything that you consume.

When the food and drink that you consume are full of chemicals (like chemical sweeteners or chemical preservatives), the liver has to take time to break these down, dilute them with extra water, and then either get rid of them or store them somewhere… like the fat cells. Eating clean allows the body to function properly, consume the food to eat, and get rid of the excess.

4. Fast intermittently

Fasting is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to weight loss. Our bodies have a lot to consume and deal with besides the food that we eat. Controlling the times that we eat can give the body a chance to fully digest our food before more food is consumed.

Now, we’re not saying to stop eating until you reach your weight loss goal; starving yourself is not healthy. Intermittent fasting is not the same and is a great tool to help you achieve your goals.

5. Get support

Most of us are able to follow any of these guidelines for a few days. But then, life happens or we hit a plateau and lose all of the ground we’ve gained. That’s why the support of all-natural weight loss drops or a candida cleanse, along with a supportive team and community is one of the best ways to lose weight. Especially during summer, when you need it off quickly and easily, support is often essential.

Skinny Up!® is your all-natural, hormone-free weight loss solution that addresses the underlying issues like candida overgrowth which causes us to keep reaching for sugar.

Here are a few additional tips for losing weight specifically in the summer:

6. Plan ahead

It is really difficult to stick to clean, healthy eating when you’re at a family wedding and everyone is having a good time. Plan ahead so that you either are through the Reduce Phase of the Skinny Up!® Protocol, or have a plan in place for how you’re going to get back into it once the party is over.

7. Don’t drink so much alcohol

This year especially (2020), through the COVID-19 quarantine, so many of us have gotten pretty good at drinking. But that is not doing you any favors. Stop with the delicious summer drinks every night. Save it for date night or the evening at the lake that comes only every few weeks instead of consuming every day.

8. Snack well

Summer is the perfect storm when it comes to snacking. The kids are home, we’re all trying to have fun… so we can tend to eat all day. Sub out the chips and popsicles for veggies and hummus. Or have fresh fruit on hand.

Remember that weight loss is always attainable. Your body was designed to live healthily; we sometimes just need to tweak what ‘normal’ looks like in order to give it a shot at vibrant health. Skinny Up!® is committed to offering the very best when it comes to weight loss, weight loss maintenance, and candida overgrowth solutions. Our team is dedicated to empowerment and support so that you can reach your goals.

Have any questions for losing weight? Leave a comment below!

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